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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2287 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2287

Emilio: “I don’t know the specific content of the will. Lawyer Lake met with me, just comforted me, and didn’t bring out Dad’s will.”

“Oh… Lawyer Lake must be with you. Did you tell me what you can get?” Camila said in a very sour tone, “I know you will definitely get a lot. Emilio, I just want to know one thing… Did Dad give me a little bit?”

Emilio didn’t want to answer her question.

Emilio: “I don’t know. Eldest sister, when the will is announced, you will naturally know.”

“Haha! Emilio, shouldn’t Dad give you all the inheritance?” Camila asked tentatively, “Do you know who told me this?”

Emilio was silent. He didn’t know who said this to the eldest sister, but he could feel the anger of the eldest sister.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it after seeing the lawyer tomorrow!” Camila hung up the phone. Instead of pinning her hopes on Emilio, it is better to cooperate with Norah.

At least Norah will explain things clearly, and Emilio hides and hides, she’s afraid that even the broth is reluctant to give her a drink.


Elliot waited in the restaurant for nearly two hours.

During the period, he called Avery, but Avery didn’t answer.

Elliot called the bodyguard who accompanied Avery up the mountain. The bodyguard said that Avery had entered the temple and had not come out.

The bodyguards couldn’t force their way into the temple, so they had to wait.

Fortunately, after two hours of waiting, Avery finally descended the mountain safely and appeared in front of him.

Elliot was stunned when he saw the little girl beside Avery.

“Elliot, this little girl’s name is Lilly.” Avery explained to Elliot, “She has albinism. I want to take her for treatment.”

Lilly wore a sun hat because she was photophobic and couldn’t bask in the sun.

Her long white hair was tied back, and although she was wearing a hat, it was still very conspicuous.

Elliot had no opinion on Avery’s kindness.

“Hello, Lilly. My name is Elliot Foster, you can just call me Uncle Foster.” Elliot crouched down and greeted Lilly, “Are you hungry? Let’s go eat first! We’ll bring you after dinner. Go to the hospital, okay?”

When Lilly went down the mountain just now, she had heard Avery talk about Elliot and their children.

“Uncle Foster, will I trouble you very much?” Lilly said cautiously and sensible.

“How could it be? You won’t bother us at all.” In order to relax Lilly, Elliot stretched out his big palm to hold her small hand, and led her into the restaurant, “We will eat whatever you like.”

Avery watched them enter the restaurant and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Boss, I didn’t expect Mr. Foster to be so gentle with children.” The bodyguard sighed.

“I’m also a little surprised. I know he won’t object to me helping Lilly, but I didn’t expect him to be so close to Lilly.” Avery said, “Maybe Lilly is more cute!”

“Little Lilly is really cute. This is the first time I have seen a person with albinism. I didn’t even know this disease existed before!” The bodyguard continued to sigh.

“There are many rare diseases in this world that we humans cannot overcome at present. There is still a lot of room for improvement in medicine.” Avery watched Lilly and Elliot sit down in the dining chairs and walked inside, “Let’s go eat first. I’m a little hungry.”

After lunch, they set off for the city.

Little Lilly fell asleep in the car.

“Avery, are you planning to adopt Lilly?” Elliot was embarrassed to discuss this issue in front of Lilly just now.

Avery: “I’m afraid I don’t have the energy to take care of her daily life. After all, I already have so many children myself. I plan to ask specialized medical staff to take care of her.”

“Well. Where does she live?” Elliot asked, “If not Live in our house, I can arrange another house for her. See where you want to arrange her.”

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