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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2285 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2285

The little girl really wanted to go in and listen, but her mother-in-law pulled her and wouldn’t let her in.

“Mother-in-law, what is that Auntie talking to Lilly?” The little girl who spoke was called Siena.

Siena was more than three years old, but she did not go to kindergarten.

“Mother-in-law can’t hear it. You can ask Lilly later.” Mother-in-law was about sixty years old, her hair was all gray, but she was very shrewd.

“That Auntie wants to take Lilly down the mountain. She wants to adopt Lilly.” The tourist who came with Avery just now stood behind the old and young and interjected.

Siena heard the words, and her little face was full of sadness.

She was reluctant to leave Lilly leaves here.

If Lilly left, then Siena would never have such a good friend in the future.

In addition to being reluctant to leave the little leaves, Siena was also a little envious of the little leaves.

The Auntie who was talking to Lilly in the room looked so gentle. If Lilly leaves with her, she should be nice to Lilly, right?

Siena thought of this, and her eyes suddenly became moist.

She reached out and rubbed her eyes.

“Little girl, what’s your name? You are so beautiful, and someone will definitely adopt you.” The tourists cried when they saw Siena, and immediately used adult thinking to speculate on the child’s mind.

The mother-in-law immediately picked up Siena and rolled her eyes at the tourists: “She is my treasure, don’t even think about it!”

The mother-in-law quickly left with Siena in her arms.

Siena was reluctant to leave Lilly, so she asked her mother-in-law to take herself to Master.

The master touched Siena’s head: “Siena, that Auntie doesn’t want to adopt Lilly. She wants to take Lilly down the mountain for treatment. You also hope that Lilly can be cured, right?”

Siena held back her tears and whispered, “Can that Auntie really cure Lilly’s disease?”

“I don’t know. But that Auntie is a very famous doctor. I chatted with the host just now, and the host agreed that Lilly will go down the mountain with that Auntie.”

“Ugh… If Lilly and Auntie leave, will I never see Lilly again?” Siena’s crying little shoulder twitched. Shaking, very sad, “What’s the name of Auntie? If I want to find Lilly in the future, then I can only go to that Auntie…”

“Auntie’s name is Avery Tate. You don’t need to look for her, She will definitely bring Lilly back often in the future.” When Master said this, the expression of the mother-in-law standing beside her suddenly changed drastically.

To be precise, after hearing the words ‘Avery’, the expression on mother-in-law’s face changed.

She picked up Siena again.

After the Master’s voice was settled, she hugged Siena and walked away quickly.

On the other side, after Avery chatted with Lilly for a while, Lilly agreed to go down the mountain with her to try.

If Lilly doesn’t adapt to life under the mountain, Avery will send her back to G-Temple.

“Then let’s go down the mountain now!” Avery held Lilly’s hand and said with a smile.

Lilly hesitated for a moment, then raised her head: “I’m going to tell Siena. Otherwise, she will be anxious if she can’t find me.”

Avery: “Who is Siena?”

“She is my good friend. I play with her every day.” Lilly said, let go of Avery’s hand, and ran out of the room to find Siena.

Avery followed Lilly out and heard Lilly shout Siena’s name loudly, but no one responded.

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    1. Well I think they found Haze let’s hope so anyway. But you know this will drag out a long time before we know for sure

  1. I hope Siena/haze are reunited with Avery soon. Lily will notice similarities between Avery and Siena/haze. I don’t any haze to reunite with Avery and Elliot for the new year so we can finally get a happy ending.

  2. Siena is definitely Haze, who ever that woman is she is up to no good…hope the author let Haze reunite with her family soon and don’t drag the story, it is finally getting on the right path.
    Thanks translator.

  3. Can someone tell my why the lady is called mother-in-law? Is this term meant like care giver?
    It’s a bit confusing, mother-in-law in America English is the mother of the grrom or bride. Just curious

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