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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2280 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2280


Norah waited in the restaurant for about half an hour before the eldest sister Camila.

Camila was not late on purpose.

“The road is blocked! I forgot to tell you that the restaurant you chose has a very average taste. Don’t look at it as if it’s popular, it’s all because of its good location. Even if you open a pancake stand here, the business will be booming…” Camila said, and sat down in the chair.

“I live near here, so I chose this one.” Norah explained with a smile, “Eldest sister, Travis is dead, has Emilio ever looked for you?”

Camila’s expression froze slightly: “Who told you about Travis’s death? Didn’t he find the body yet? Emilio didn’t look for me. After all, my father’s body hasn’t been found yet…”

“Hahaha! Emilio already knew that Travis was dead.” Norah laughed, “It’s just that he didn’t tell you.”

Camila’s face changed suddenly, and a burst of anger floated up: “How do you know that our father is dead? How did you know that Emilio knows about this?”

“I’m telling you this, in fact It’s useless. Based on Travis’s attitude towards you during his lifetime, it is estimated that he will not give you any property.” Norah gave her a crit, “Don’t you still have expectations?”

“Norah, you invite me out, just to hit me with these words?” Camila’s face turned purple.

Norah looked at her with time: “Eldest sister, I just told the truth, you can’t take it anymore? If it really hits you, won’t you go crazy?”

Camila’s chest heaved rapidly. Her breathing also became hot: “Norah, don’t call me eldest sister! the sound is disgusting!”

“Then Emilio calls you eldest sister, don’t you feel disgusted? Travis is dead, Emilio is the biggest beneficiary. Believe it or not, Travis may have given all his property to Emilio alone? Travis prefers sons to daughters, this matter Everyone knows it, you don’t know it, right?” Norah picked up the kettle on the table and poured tea and gave it to Camila, “Eldest sister, drink some tea to reduce the fire.”

Why didn’t Camila know that her father was a lot of boy and young girl, why didn’t she know that her father didn’t like her, maybe she really didn’t give her anything?

It’s just that she didn’t want to think her father was so heartless!

After graduating, she joined Jones’s family to work. In her last marriage, she followed her father’s arrangement and married a man she didn’t like.

Even if the new boyfriend she found later made her father dissatisfied, her father wouldn’t leave her a penny, right?

“Norah, you said my father died, where did you get the news?” Camila calmed down a little after taking a sip of water.

“Because I know where Travis’s body is. As long as I want, I can expose his body at any time.” A smug smile appeared on Norah’s face, “I dare to appear in public today, which is the best proof.”

Camila’s face turned pale with fright: “You killed my father!”

“If he doesn’t die, I have to die. Eldest sister, can’t you understand such a simple thing? He is not only your dad, but also my dad. If he didn’t want me to die, how could I kill him?”

Camila took a deep breath and accepted this terrible truth.

“Eldest sister, do you want to verify what I just said?” Norah said calmly, “Travis must have given all the inheritance to Emilio. And Emilio has probably asked Travis’s lawyer. Emilio must know everything now. But he didn’t tell you. I guess he’s thinking about how to keep these inheritances.”

Camila: “How to verify? If Emilio is killed and doesn’t say anything, is it possible that I can pry his mouth open?”

Norah: “As long as I disclose Travis’s body, you can go to Travis’s lawyer?”

Camila suddenly realized: “Where is my father’s body?”

“Eldest sister, don’t you think that I asked you out for food? Shall we drink tea?” Norah chuckled softly, “If Travis didn’t share the inheritance with you, are you going to grit your teeth and admit the grievance, or come with me and find a way to get back what belongs to us from Emilio? “

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