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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2277 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2277

After the lawyer sat down, he looked at Emilio with a smile in his eyes, “I should call you Mr. Jones in the future.”

When the lawyer usually saw Emilio, he called him ‘Second Young Master’ just like everyone else.

Emilio did not expect lawyers to be so direct.

“Lawyer Lake, did my father really leave an estate to me?” Emilio couldn’t believe it, so he asked, “My father always said that I was not able to work, and would rather donate all his property than leave it to his children…”

“Haha! That’s what your father said. If he doesn’t say that, how can he encourage you to work hard?” Lawyer Lake did not immediately tell him the contents of his will, “Your father has a rather eccentric temper. A little bit, you should feel the same, right?”

“Well. My father never praised me. But my eldest sister said that My father praised me privately. I didn’t expect that it was after his death that I found out that he praised me.” Emilio brewed tea and said helplessly, “To be honest, I don’t feel how incompetent I am, because my father told me that I was incompetent day after day, which caused me to stop believing in myself many times. “

“I understand your feelings. That’s why I said on the phone that your time has come. No one will point fingers at you in the future. You can show your skills.” Lawyer Lake said, “When your father was alive, In fact, every day he was hesitant about how to divide his property.”

“I can imagine how entangled he is. He often says that he should donate all his property. The more he said that, the more he was reluctant to donate it all.” Emilio answered, “And he didn’t have any feelings for his own children. We were all just pawns in his hands.”

“Your father told you to donate it, but he didn’t say that to me. He’s not someone who completely disregards blood ties. Although he made so much money to show his own ability, he certainly didn’t want to see his children and grandchildren suffer miserably.”

“You said my father very well. Maybe he was different in front of outsiders and his own children.” Emilio would not lie to compliment because his father left him an inheritance.

Lawyer Lake: “Maybe! Your father gave me the same feeling as other rich people except for being suspicious. Most rich people are suspicious.”

Emilio: “Well.”

“You may be suspicious of your father, but there is no specific.” Lawyer Lake said with a smile, “Your father contacted me every day.”

“You said this just now. But I didn’t take it seriously.” Emilio looked at Lawyer Lake, “Why did my father wanted to contact you every day?”

Lawyer Lake lowered his voice and said, “Because he had to revise his will every day.”

Emilio: “…”

“It’s not that I’m exaggerating, it’s true. Yes, he took time to talk to me every day about you and your siblings.” Lawyer Lake said, “Before your elder brother made a mistake, your father valued your elder brother the most. Because he has a good working ability. Since he worked, he has given to your father a lot of money. But after he made a mistake, your father completely removed him from the list of heirs. So your elder brother won’t get a dime of inheritance.”

Emilio was not surprised by this.

“Let’s talk about your eldest sister, your dad used to consider giving your eldest sister some of the property. Because your eldest sister’s working ability is not bad. It’s just that after her marriage, she was not in good order in her private life, and it was revealed that she was messing with Jayce Grewal, which led to disharmony with her husband, and finally ended in divorce. After your eldest sister divorced, she fell in love with Jayce Grewal, who was not in the right household, and your father was very angry. Your father’s legacy.”

Emilio was very surprised when he heard this.

“My eldest sister is not at fault except for falling in love with a younger man. How many girlfriends does my dad have? Compared with him, what kind of love history does she have?” Although Emilio had no relationship with the eldest sister, but he felt that it was somewhat outrageous that his father did not give anything to the eldest sister because of such a trivial matter.

“You are his children, he can ask you to do things according to his ideas, but you can’t ask him. This is his idea.” Lawyer Lake told Emilio Travis’s attitude.

“But if my eldest brother and eldest sister don’t share a penny of property, aren’t others even less qualified?” Emilio analyzed rationally, “Only me and eldest brother and eldest sister work in Jones’s company, and the others do not serve the Jones family at all. “

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