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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2276 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2276

Norah’s eyes flickered and she said, “No. Sasha is very suspicious and doesn’t trust me very much.”

Before this plan, Norah made numerous calls to Sasha’s number, sent numerous text messages, and She transferred countless sums of money to the bank card number she provided earlier.

Perhaps it was her money that moved Sasha.

Sasha texted her back a few days ago.

Norah also thought of a way to assassinate Travis after Sasha replied to her.

Sasha’s number on her original phone was not the real Sasha’s number.

Just a bait.

Others didn’t know Sasha’s real number, so Travis had no way of obtaining evidence.

It was precisely because of this that the plan could be so smooth and successful.

Travis exhausted his organs and finally lost.

This gave Norah great confidence.

“Sasha said that if I could share the Jones family’s property, she would consider meeting me.” Norah continued, “I don’t have the Tate Industries now, and I don’t have a decent job. She thinks that I have no value in dealing with me. She is very realistic and very cautious. She is even more cautious than Travis. Travis was self-righteous, but Sasha is not.”

“After all, Sasha has no power or money.” Madelyn said, “Does she know Haze’s whereabouts? “

Norah: “Sasha wouldn’t reveal it. She just told me to get Travis’s estate and then contact her.”

“Norah, you don’t need to find Haze’s whereabouts. Didn’t you do something for Elliot? He hurt you. Being chased and killed by Travis, it is your fate that you survive. You and Elliot have already settled. There is no need for you to find a daughter for him!” Madelyn didn’t want the woman to have any more relationship with Elliot, “If you can Getting some of Travis’s property will be enough for you to have food and clothing for the rest of your life.”

Norah had her own considerations: “I’m looking for Haze, of course not to complete Elliot, but for myself. Mom, have you seen a news? Many years ago, Elliot spent billions to find the whereabouts of his sister Shea. Although all relevant news was deleted later, since Elliot said such words, he must be able to afford so much money.”

Madelyn immediately understood what her daughter meant.

Norah wanted to find Haze before Elliot and the others, and then trade with Elliot.

“I’m still saying that, be careful.” Madelyn urged, “Money is more important than life. But For people like us who don’t have a background, wealth is a risk.”

“I know. Wait for me. I will let you know when there is progress.” Norah said and hung up the phone.

The other side.

Emilio met his father’s lawyer.

The two sat down in the private room of a teahouse and drank tea.

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