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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2274 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2274

“Do you think Norah will come to fight with me for the family property?” Emilio asked this question.

Avery pondered for a while, and said, “Based on what I know about Norah, I think she will find a way to win Travis’s inheritance. She can find a way to kill Travis, and her methods are far beyond your imagination.”

Emilio’s mood was a little nervous and flustered. After Avery said this, Emilio’s heart beat faster.

“Emilio, are you afraid that you are not Norah’s opponent?” Avery said, “Don’t be afraid. If you are sure that your father is dead, then you should contact your father’s lawyer and strengthen security at the same time.”

“Well, how is your husband?” Emilio suppressed his unease and asked casually.

Avery: “He is recovering well and has started working from home.”

“It seems that Margaret’s resurrection technique is really a scam.” Emilio sneered.

“If it exists, why should I overthrow it? What really exists is not something that can disappear if I want to overthrow it. Emilio, don’t be like your father, doing anything to make money won’t go long.” Avery advised.

“Let’s take one step at a time!” Emilio remembered the mess left by his father, and his head was big.

“Well. If you need help in the future, feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help you.” Avery said, “As long as you are not like your father, we are still friends.”

“If my father didn’t give me the inheritance, would we still be friends?” Emilio said sarcastically.

Avery: “Do you think I’m your friend because of how much you are worth? I told you, you helped me, I remembered.”

“Got it.” Emilio said and hung up the phone.

Emilio looked at the screen of his mobile phone. In the family group, someone was chatting.

first Sister: [Emilio, is there any news from the police? My father has been missing for two days. I’m afraid it’s bad luck!]

Second Sister: [Emilio, did our father’s lawyer contact you? Or does he have to wait for you to contact him before he announces his father’s will?]

third Sister: [Emilio, father has been out of contact for two days, he must have an accident. You don’t have to be afraid of him anymore!]

Fourth Sister: [Have all the sisters returned to Bridgedale? I’m still abroad! I bought a ticket back home, but the weather was bad and the flight was canceled! If the lawyer publishes the will, you must make a video call with me! I don’t believe that Dad didn’t leave anything for our sisters.]

Emilio watched their chat, and after deliberation, he sent a message: [When you are free, let’s meet!]

Usually they never met in private.

They only met at family banquets during the New Year’s and festive seasons.

Now that the father who maintained their relationship was gone, there was no need to maintain the superficial affection between them.

Sister: [I am free at any time.]

Second Sister: [I will go to Bridgedale in the afternoon. How about meeting at night?]

Third Sister: [Not tonight! I can go back tomorrow. tomorrow!]

Emilio: [Then tomorrow!]

Caleb Jones, who had not been in the group for a long time, suddenly appeared: [Is father really dead?]

Sister: [Caleb, you finally appeared! Father is probably dead. You can still use your phone now, are you not stupid at all? I miss working with you so much!]

Second Sister: [Even if Brother Caleb is fine, Dad definitely didn’t leave any inheritance to Brother Caleb, right? After all, Brother Caleb made his father so angry before.]

Third Sister: [Oh, what you said, I really want to know how Dad’s will was made.]

After Emilio glanced at the messages in the group, he turned off the group messages.

Like his siblings, he wanted to know how his father’s will was made.

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