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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2271 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2271

“Yeah.” Avery said, looking at Elliot, “Your company must be very busy recently, right? You can use the computer, but you have to control the time. If you get dizzy, you must rest.”

With Avery’s permission, Elliot immediately nodded happily.

After breakfast, Elliot went to the study.

Gwen took Avery to the living room to see the wedding dress, makeup, wedding shoes, etc.

Avery looked very seriously. Choose more carefully than when she got married.

“Gwen, I think this white gauze is pretty good, but this toast dress, I think the long one looks better. You are tall, and wearing a long skirt is just too fairy! With a normal height like me, I want to wear this kind of long skirt. All must be made to order.” Avery looked at the two toasting suits in the picture, and chose a long skirt without hesitation.

Gwen did not dare to tell the truth. What she came to find Avery to choose today was what Avery would wear when she got married on New Year’s Day.

“But I think this short style looks good too. It’s very lively.” Gwen was afraid that Avery’s height in the long skirt could not handle it.

“Well, the short style is also good. You look good in anything. If you like this short style, choose the short style. The most important thing in a wedding is to be happy.” Avery followed her words.

“What about this makeup look? Do you think it will be too gorgeous?” Gwen flipped through the picture and showed it to Avery.

The reason Gwen asked this was because Avery’s previous wedding makeup was dignified and elegant, and what she showed Avery now was completely different from the style.

The makeup in the picture would be more fashionable. The model’s face was affixed with shimmering diamonds to make the whole face look sparkling.

“It’s so pretty!” Avery glanced at the picture and then at Gwen’s face, “Gwen, if you like it, you can try makeup.”

Gwen was going to try makeup, but Avery’s wedding on New Year’s Day was going to be for Avery, so she hadn’t tried it yet.

“Uh… I’ve been a little allergic to my skin recently. So I didn’t try it. And I’ve done similar makeup before, and I think it’s pretty good!” Gwen replied with a smile.

Avery: “Well, as long as you like it. In fact, the ones you chose are all very good-looking.”

“What about these shoes?” Taking advantage of Avery’s patience, Gwen immediately turned over the following pictures one by one to her.

Avery carefully looked at the pictures at the back and replied seriously: “I think they are all good-looking. If you can pick them out, you must have screened them. The things you like are all good-looking.”

Gwen: “Hahaha! Avery, I asked Ben the same question, and he answered the same as you.”

“Because it’s really good-looking.” Avery replied affirmatively.

Gwen pondered for a few seconds and asked, “Then do you think my second brother would like this?”

Avery: “You get married, it doesn’t matter what he likes or not.”

“I just want to know!” After all, it would be Avery. For Avery and Elliot’s wedding, Gwen hoped they were both satisfied.

“…Elliot doesn’t have the same eye as ours. He likes simple and elegant styles. You refer to the style of the time I married him before. He handled my dress and all the other details.” Avery didn’t like to worry, and was more assured of him.

“Okay!” Gwen could already imagine that on New Year’s Day, Elliot was definitely not satisfied with the wedding and all the details of the wedding.

But whether he liked it or not, as long as Avery liked it.

“Gwen, you don’t need to worry about Elliot, as long as you like it.” Avery saw Gwen frowning, so she said softly, “If you can marry the person you like, other trivial matters are not important.”

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