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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2269 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2269

Gwen: “Haha! Aunt naturally has a way to make your mother accept it, so you can go to school at ease!”

After Layla left, Robert finished drinking the milk, came over, and pulled the bag.

“Baby Robert, are you going to school too? Auntie really wants to stay with you for a while.” Gwen hugged Robert up, reluctant to let go.

Robert showed a bright and innocent smile: “Then I won’t go to school today, I’ll play with my aunt! Just ask my father and teacher to ask for leave!”

Gwen let out a ‘puff’ and couldn’t help laughing.

“Auntie can come and play with you on weekends! If you don’t go to school, I’m afraid your mother will blame me! When your mother was in school, she was a genius!” Gwen hugged Robert and walked out, “Auntie sent you to school. Are you okay? Auntie hasn’t seen to your kindergarten yet!”

“Okay! Then I’ll take you to see my kindergarten!” Robert looked proud and was carried out by her aunt.

Not long after they left, Avery went downstairs after washing up. Looking at the two large white bags in the living room, she was a little curious.

Mrs. Cooper replied: “This is what Gwen brought up, saying it was a morning gown for you.”

“Oh, why did Gwen give me this?” Avery took out the morning gown from the bag.

She was holding a men’s dressing gown, which was very long.

“Is this for Elliot?” Avery compared the morning gown to herself, and the hem of the gown was dragging to the ground.

“Looking at the length, it should be a man’s.” Mrs. Cooper said, taking out the dressing gown from the other bag.

This length was more suitable for Avery.

“Why did Gwen suddenly think of giving this to us?” Avery took the lady’s morning gown in her hand, and touched the fabric of the gown, which felt very comfortable. But…she didn’t like to wear this kind of clothes.

There were also home clothes at home, but she preferred to wear her own casual clothes, so she didn’t have to go back to the room to change clothes if she had to go out.

“Maybe Gwen doesn’t know that you don’t like to wear this kind of clothes!” Mrs. Cooper explained with a smile, “But Mr. Foster prefers to wear this kind of clothes.”

“Well. Both of these can be worn by him.” Avery joked, “This one is also quite wide.”

“Mr. Foster has lost a lot of weight now, maybe I can really wear this one for you.”

The two chatted for a while, and after a while, Gwen came back from kindergarten.

“Avery!” Gwen went into the room and changed into slippers, seeing that the two dressing gowns had been taken out and placed on the sofa, so she strode over, “This is the dressing gown I bought for you and my second brother, what do you think? How is it? Does it look good?”

“Gwen, why did you suddenly buy us a morning gown?” Avery took breakfast and walked from the dining room to the living room, “The style is very beautiful, I like it very much.”

“You just like it! I bought this for myself, and I liked it, so I bought one for you too.” Gwen had already thought of a reason, “The morning gown was worn on the morning of the wedding day. I plan to wear it on the morning of the wedding day. “

“Oh…it’s pretty good! The fabric is still shiny! It’s much softer than the silk fabric. It must look good on the mirror.” Avery boasted.

“Mmmm! Avery, I have already dry cleaned these two morning gowns. You can hang them in your wardrobe. You don’t wear them now, and you will wear them on New Year’s Day.” Gwen explained.

Avery was stunned for a moment: “Why can’t you wear it now? Your brother likes to wear this kind of robe.”

Avery’s voice was settled, and Elliot walked downstairs.

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