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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2266 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2266

“Mom, I’ll call you when I find Travis. But it’s very late on your side, I won’t call you tonight.” Hayden reminded, “Go to bed early, don’t stay up late for this kind of person. Even if he dies, there will be more to die for.”

“Well. I’m not worried about him. I heard from his son that he can’t be reached, and thought things had progressed.” Avery wanted to know if there was any news about Haze. So it’s more stressful.

“If there is news about Haze, I will tell you as soon as possible.” Hayden said.

Avery: “Okay.”

After hanging up, Avery looked at Elliot: “Travis made an appointment to meet Sasha today, but he left with another woman. I think this is too strange.”

Elliot also felt strange: “Yes There is no possibility that the woman was sent by Sasha to answer.”

“If you say so, it is possible. But even if Travis meets Sasha, there is no need to answer the family’s phone calls, right?” Avery raised another doubt, “No matter how you look at it, Travis should be dominant. Sasha is just a fugitive from Yonroeville, does she have the ability to control Travis?”

“Until you don’t know what happened, it’s hard to guess the truth of this incident.” Elliot said.

“Well, I’ll call Emilio back.” Avery dialed Emilio.

Emilio’s mood was a little calmer than before.

“Emilio, I just asked Elliot, he doesn’t know where your father is. We only know that your father left with a strange woman in a dance hall.” Avery told him the matter, “He was not going to see Sasha? But he went with another woman.”

“That person was Sasha.” Emilio said, “Sasha had plastic surgery.”

Avery: “???”

“I went to see her. She said She is Sasha. In order to escape from you, she had plastic surgery.” Emilio continued.

Avery thought it was incredible: “I know that there are superb cosmetic techniques in this world that can directly change a person’s face, but how long has it been since Sasha escaped from Yonroeville! How could she have changed in such a short period of time? Open your face!”

Emilio was stunned for a moment: “How long does it take to change a face?”

“I don’t know how long it will take, but according to the time Sasha fled, it is definitely too late!” Avery said When she got here, she remembered that Hayden told her about Sasha, “The Sasha you saw is not Sasha at all. Sasha has no plastic surgery.”

Hayden sent someone to find Sasha’s whereabouts according to Sasha’s face.

Although Sasha was finally allowed to escape, Sasha would not be able to change her face for a while.

Emilio was stunned when he heard Avery’s words.

“How, how do you know she didn’t have plastic surgery?” Emilio didn’t specifically tell Avery about it last night, but he didn’t expect Avery to know more.

“Emilio, the news I got is that she didn’t have plastic surgery. It depends on whether you want to believe me or what you see and hear. The woman said she was Sasha, and she was Sasha who had plastic surgery, except for saying Besides, do you have any other credentials?” Avery asked back.

Emilio took a deep breath and said discouraged: “No. Could it be that my dad and I were deceived?”

“How did you meet the woman who claimed to be Sasha?” Avery asked in confusion.

“I found Norah’s phone when I was looking for Norah in Aryadelle.” When Emilio said Norah’s name, he suddenly realized, “Could this be Norah’s plan?!”

“Go find your father! Really If you can’t find your father, then go to Norah.” Avery showed him the direction.

Emilio hung up the phone. He strode back into the room from the gate of the courtyard.

He took out Norah’s mobile phone, found Sasha’s number on it and dialedit——

——Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please try again later.

Emilio sat down on the sofa with a solemn expression, staring at the luxurious living room.

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