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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2265 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2265

With little snow today, the temperature had dropped a little more than yesterday.

Emilio walked to the door, put on a down jacket, and walked into the snow.

The Bodyguard: “Second Young Master, where are you going?”

“I’ll take a look outside, and I’ll be back soon.” Emilio said, walking towards the gate of the courtyard.

Bodyguards followed behind him.

“Young Master, don’t you know the result if you call your father and ask? Why do you have to wait here in person?” The bodyguard was puzzled by the cold wind.

“I called my father, but he didn’t answer.” Emilio called his father before going out.

The phone got through, but no one answered.

According to what the servant said, his father went out so early today, and he must have seen Sasha now.

“I’m afraid that something will happen to my father.” Emilio expressed his doubts.

“Young Master, you will definitely bring a bodyguard when you go out…” The bodyguard said, “Why don’t I call my elder brother and ask?”

Emilio’s bodyguard’s elder brother acts as a bodyguard by Travis’s side.

“You call!” Emilio stood in the snow, waiting for the bodyguard to call.

The bodyguard took out his mobile phone and dialed the elder brother.

The phone was called, it was connected, but no one answered.

“No answer.” The bodyguard looked at Emilio and couldn’t help thinking, “They won’t really have an accident, right? If they have an accident, it must be Elliot and Avery!”

“Don’t be so loud.” Emilio walked to the gate of the courtyard and looked around.

Except for the white snow outside, there was not a half figure in sight.

Emilio’s uneasy premonition was getting stronger and stronger. Did something really happen to his father?

After calming down in the snow for half an hour, he dialed Avery.

Avery should not lie!

At that time, Aryadelle was late at night.

However, Avery answered his call quickly.

“You can’t get in touch with your father?” Avery was surprised after hearing his question, “I don’t know what’s going on with your father. I’m in Aryadelle.”

“It must be Elliot…He must have done something wrong!” Emilio said excitedly.

“Emilio, don’t spit your blood. Your father’s business has nothing to do with Elliot.” Avery said, “Let me call and ask. If I ask about your father’s situation, I will tell you.”

After Avery finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

She frowned and dialed Hayden. Hayden took it in seconds.

“Hayden, did something happen to Travis?” Avery’s voice settled, and beside her, Elliot turned on the bedside lamp, sat up, and looked at her.

In order for Elliot to hear Hayden’s answer clearly, Avery turned on the speaker.

“Maybe! I don’t know.” Hayden replied, “Travis went out very early today and went to a dance hall. Then he came out of the dance hall with a woman and went to another place. The person I sent out said the woman’s face was not Sasha’s face. Where is he now, I haven’t found out the news.”

“Okay, I know.” Avery’s brain was running at a high speed, and she whispered, “Travis left with a woman… Who is that woman? Didn’t Travis want to meet Sasha? How did he meet another woman?”

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  1. Thank you, Baxter. Can you say why we only get a couple pages of this “book”?
    It’s really kind of petty that that’s all a so-called author is capable of producing :/

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