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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2264 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2264

“Travis, didn’t you find out? This is your retribution hahahaha!” The woman said this and laughed out loud, “Unfortunately, God has let you live until now, God has no eyes!”

” It turned out to be Norah… it turned out to be her…” Travis clenched his teeth, the expression on his face was like a smile but a smile, like a cry instead of a cry.

If he had died at the hands of others, he would not have suffered so much.

Norah, the traitor! He hasn’t found her yet, hasn’t killed her yet, and as a result, he has fallen into the trap she designed.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Emilio came to the Jones’s old house.

He told his father last night that he wanted to accompany his father to see Sasha today, but his father refused.

Travis felt that he could not help or get in the way.

Emilio could only give up. He wanted to know how his father and Sasha were talking, so he could only come to the old house and wait for his father to come back.

Although he knew that after his father found Haze, he would definitely not bring people home, but even if he couldn’t see the real person of Haze, it would be nice to see Haze’s photos.

He didn’t know if Haze looked like Avery or Elliot.

He didn’t know where his father would hide Haze at that time.

He didn’t even know if his father would expand his ambitions and made out-of-control decisions after he fouud Haze.

Emilio didn’t sleep well last night. He subconsciously felt pessimistic. Even if his father could find Haze first, the final result would definitely not be as smooth as his father expected.

Elliot and Avery were not ordinary people. After they knew about this, how could they let the Jones family go?

Emilio and his father knew that Elliot was the kind of person who would rather die than be wronged.

“Master got up at five o’clock in the morning today.” The servant who took care of Travis made Emilio tea. “Usually he sleeps until 9 o’clock! But he woke up so early today and was in good spirits.”

Emilio: “What time did my father leave the door?”

“What time did he leave the door after six o’clock.” The servant replied, “It wasn’t dawn at that time, and the snow outside the door hadn’t been dealt with! I didn’t know that the master was so early. What was he doing when he went out? Even if he hd an appointment with someone, I’m afraid others were not so early!”

“Father must had a plan in mind. Maybe he had an appointment with someone farther away!” Emilio sat in a chair and held a cup of tea , took a sip, “By the way, were there any suspicious vehicles and people at the door today?”

The servant shook his head: “In such a cold day, I didn’t pay attention to the situation outside. The bodyguard at the gate didn’t say anything unusual, there should be nothing unusual. Right? Second Young Master, why do you suddenly ask this?”

“My dad was looking for Elliot and Avery’s stray daughter. They already know about it, and I thought they would definitely send someone to watch here.” Emilio Express your worries, “If someone is watching here, I think it’s better for my father to live in another place.”

“Where is it? Your father can’t be idle and has to work every day. If you don’t see anyone at work, you can hide from Elliot and the others.” The servant sighed, “Second young master, at this age, your father should have enjoyed his old age, but he wants to continue to work hard.”

“Blame me. To become bigger and stronger, my father will not work so hard.” Emilio laughed at himself.

“Second young master, don’t say that. You are still very capable. It’s just that your father’s ambition goes far beyond defending the family business. Don’t take it to heart. After all, he’s so old…” The servant didn’t continue to say what he said later, but the meaning was obvious.

Emilio asked, “After Margaret died, did my dad’s health really deteriorate a lot?”

The servant glanced around and saw that there were no outsiders in the living room, so he said in a low voice, “Yes. Margaret finished the medicine that Margaret gave your father before. I don’t know what medicine Margaret gave your father. After he stopped taking the medicine, his mental state was significantly worse. He didn’t sleep so well at night.”

Emilio knew in his heart: “But I think my dad’s mental state is similar to before.”

The servant: “It’s still a little different. Margaret was there and when she was by your father side, his temper was milder.”

“Mm.” Emilio drank the tea, put down the teacup, and looked out.

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