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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2263 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2263

Without waiting for Travis to exclaim, the little girl said again: “Grandpa, look at them…”

The little girl’s hand pointed to the Jones family bodyguard at the door, and laughed: “The two of them are like two puppets. Oh!”

Travis saw not only his two bodyguards, but also two bodyguards being held hostage.

Pistols against their temples.

At the same time, the muzzle of a pistol was aimed at him.

Travis was so terrified that he raised his hand out of instinct.

“You…what are you doing…I gave money…I gave Sasha 10 million…isn’t 10 million enough? Then How many do you want?”

Travis didn’t want to die!

He would definitely make countless money in the future, his worth would surpass Avery, Elliot…and all his friends!

Everyone who mentions his name would call him a legend!

“Travis, have you ever thought that what I want is not money?” A female voice came from outside the door.

‘Sasha’ appeared at the door of the room with a sinister smile on her face.

Travis looked at her face, and his mind became much clearer at this moment.

No wonder Travis thought this face was familiar, he must have seen her before! And, they both have a grudge!

“You suspected me at first that I wasn’t Sasha, and you almost scared me! But I bet you don’t remember me long ago, so you just said a few words to divert your attention, but you really don’t doubt me. I am happy and sad… After all, we used to love each other, why can’t you remember my face and voice at all?” The woman entered the room and walked to Travis.

Travis looked at the woman’s face up close, his lips murmured uncontrollably, but he didn’t make a sound.

“Who am I? Don’t you remember?” The woman asked with a sneer.

“You, you…” Travis thought of a headache, raised his hand and patted his head, “I have a little impression… We must have been better before…”

“Yes! You did treat me well before, but after a few days, you ruthlessly abandoned me… Later I found out that I was pregnant with your child, and went to you with joy, but you gave me a slap and let me get out.” The woman said, tears welling up in her eyes. But she didn’t cry.

Today, she has got her revenge, and she was in a very happy mood.

“I want to prove to you that my child is yours, but you gave me the abortion medicine with your own hands, and saw that my child was gone, so you let me go…Travis, I wish I could make you older. Take eight pieces and avenge the humiliation I have suffered and the child I didn’t give birth to!”

Travis had done all the bad things in his life, and he didn’t remember the things the woman said so clearly.

Because he poisoned more than this woman and this child?

“I’m sorry! I apologize to you! I’ll give you money…don’t kill me…I can’t die.” Travis trembled, grabbing the woman’s arm with both hands, bitterly begging.

“You must die!” The woman’s eyes were scarlet, and she roared, “Even if I take my life, I must let you die!”

Travis’s face changed greatly, his expression was stern and painful: “You are not Sasha… Where is the real Sasha… What is your relationship with Sasha? Let me be a clear!”

I don’t know any Sasha…” The woman pushed Travis’s body away and looked at him with disgust, “I only know your daughter, Norah. If she hadn’t helped me, How can I approach you so smoothly? Hahahaha! You didn’t expect that the person who really kills you is your own daughter!”

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