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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2260 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2260

Sasha seemed to have heard a funny joke, and laughed out loud: “Hahaha! Mr. Jones, no one in Bridgedale knows that you read countless women! I’m afraid it’s your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife who looks like me. How similar?”

“Yes! That’s what I meant.” Travis also laughed, “Sasha, why did you think of coming to Bridgedale? Is there anyone you know here?”

“I’m not anywhere. Someone you know.” Sasha put down the water glass and said indifferently, “Travis, don’t ask me, I’m not interested in you.”

Travis: “…”

Although the woman in front of Travis was not really Ugly, but definitely not to his appetite.

Travis liked young women, and Sasha was obviously not young anymore.

“I just admire your methods, but I am also puzzled by some of your methods.” Travis looked at her calmly, “You said Haze was in your hands, so why didn’t you return Haze to Elliot? YOu return Haze to him, not only will he not retaliate against you, he will also give you a lot of money.”

“Mr. Jones, are you Elliot? How can you be sure that he will do as you say? Also, I am not I just found Haze, I only found it recently.” When Sasha said this, she turned on her phone impatiently to see if the money had arrived.

“How did you find Haze? Elliot and Avery spent so much energy searching all over the world, but they couldn’t find it. Why did you find it all at once?” Travis asked in confusion.

It’s no wonder that Travis would be confused. If it was replaced by other people, he would also be confused.

How powerful was Sasha? Were there other forces behind her?

“You want to know?” Sasha teased, “I can tell you, but you have to pay.”

Travis: “…”

“You have to give me another 20 million, and I’ll tell you everything about how I found Haze, how about that?” Sasha teased, “I’ve heard that Mr. Jones has a lot of money, but I didn’t expect that today. When I saw it, it was really extraordinary.”

Travis: “That’s it! I just asked casually. If you don’t want to tell me, I don’t care anymore! As long as you give me Haze!”

Sasha: “The money is in place, and I’ll give it to you immediately.”

“Sasha, I can only give you 10 million first. The rest of the money, I have to verify her identity before I can give it to you.” Travis said, “If you give me a fake one, I will definitely not give it to you. I will give you the final payment. Not only will I not give you the final payment, but the money I gave you today will also be taken back.”

Sasha raised her eyebrows: “How do you verify her identity? How do you approach Elliot and Avery?”

“I will naturally find a way, you don’t have to worry about this!” Travis said, “Besides, their daughters, first of all, will definitely look a bit like them… right?”

Sasha: “Of course. Haze looks like Avery. Didn’t I show you the photo just now?”

“Can you show me the photo again? I didn’t see it clearly just now.” Travis wanted to confirm again.

Sasha leaned on the sofa and turned on the phone, hesitating whether to show the photo to Travis again.

At this time, the phone received a text message.

It’s from the bank.

The $10 million Travis gave her has arrived!

“Mr. Jones, what’s so good about the photo, let me show you the real person!” Sasha received the money and was in a good mood, and stood up from the sofa.

Travis sneered: “Have you received the money? I, Travis, always talk about things, so don’t play tricks with me next. Bridgedale is my territory, you can’t count me.”

Sasha walked to Travis and supported his arm: “Mr. Jones, look at what you said. If I didn’t find Haze, how would I dare to do business with you? $10 million is not a small amount, How dare I lie to you for so much money!”

“Where is Haze?” Travis asked, “Is she here?”

Sasha: “You’re joking! Of course Haze is not here. This is a dance hall, and Haze is only a child of a few years old. It’s inappropriate to keep her here.”

“Then where do you keep her?” Travis followed Sasha and walked towards the other exit of the ballroom.

“You will know when you go. That place is very remote, and you may not have heard the name! Besides, you have brought so many bodyguards, how can I be your opponent as a weak woman. You are afraid that I will eat you Can’t it?” Sasha took Travis out of the back door.

Not far away, the people sent by Hayden saw them.

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