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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2258 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2258

In the ballroom.

Travis met ‘Sasha’.

The woman in front of Travis was completely different from what he imagined Sasha to look like after plastic surgery.

Travis had had countless women in his life, and he was an absolute expert when it came to women.

He was also no stranger to cosmetic surgery.

He even accompanied his girlfriend to the plastic surgery hospital.

What a person looked like determines what she could become in the end.

Because no matter how he rectified her, it would still make a change on her original face.

Travis knew Sasha’s original appearance.

When Norah bribed Sasha and nearly killed Elliot and Avery, Travis found out Sasha’s appearance.

Last night he looked at Sasha’s photos many times.

Emilio told Travis that after Sasha’s plastic surgery, he was mentally prepared, but no matter how much he prepared, he never expected that Sasha would change her face completely!

It’s just that he looked at the woman in front of him, and he couldn’t imagine that Sasha had any connection with the face before.

“Are you really Sasha?” Travis sat on the sofa, but was vaguely uneasy.

He felt like it’s fake. Everything was fake.

“Mr. Jones, you have been in the business world for so many years, you should know better than anyone that sometimes a person’s identity is given by the outside world, whether a thing is good or bad, it can also be manipulated by humans. Am I Sasha? As long as I don’t admit it, no one can say that I am. If I don’t say that I am Sasha, what evidence do you have to say that I am not? Hehe, from the moment I left Yonroeville, I will not admit that I am Sasha Identity.” The woman’s eyes were mysterious, and her tone was even more mysterious.

After Travis listened to her words, his uneasy mood suddenly calmed down.

“Your face has changed amazingly. It looks completely different from before. Which doctor gave you it? This is the first time I have seen such a successful example of plastic surgery.” Travis sighed.

“Mr. Jones, did you come to discuss cooperation with me, or did you come to me for plastic surgery?” Sasha sneered, “If you just want to know my plastic surgeon, then you don’t have to go there yourself. I could tell your son yesterday.”

Sasha’s mockery made Travis remove the last trace of doubt in his heart.

“Of course I’m here to talk to you about cooperation. Avery already knows that I have contacted you, Sasha, if you don’t want to die, then you can quickly tell me the whereabouts of Haze, and I can give you a large sum of money and send it to you. You leave here. You can escape to another country and start a new life with another identity.” Travis said, “Avery doesn’t know that you have changed your face. Now even if you stand in front of her, she won’t recognize you.”

Sasha listened to his words quietly.

Travis: “But if I tell Avery that you have changed your face, then you are in danger. Of course, I won’t do it. As long as you trade with me today, I guarantee you can leave safely.”

“Travis, make an offer! How much can you give me?” Sasha asked him slowly.

Travis: “Hehehe! How much did Norah give you before?”

“How much can Norah give me… She is just a part-time job, so how can I get so much money! If you only plan to give me a little money to send me, I don’t think we need to talk.” Sasha turned her face.

“How much did she give you? I’ll give you ten times!” Travis finished what he just said.

Sasha: “…”

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