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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2256 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2256

Friends: […]

Elliot: [I feel like I can retire.]

Friend: [Why is your son so powerful? Help! My son will be ten years old soon, why does my son only follow the little girl’s a-s-s as a licking dog?]

Elliot: [Then I want to congratulate you, you may have a grandson in another ten years.]

Friend: [Is it still time for me to be your in-law when I have a daughter?]

Elliot: [It’s too late. I also have a young son who is four years old.]

Friend: [But I want your eldest son to be my son-in-law! I really adore him!]

Elliot: [How do you know that my youngest son will not be more powerful in the future?]

The friend’s eyes were all red when he was stimulated: [I’m going to have a daughter now!]

Elliot: [Come on.]

Friend: [Elliot, if I were you, I would retire directly. Your son is so capable, you can give him your company.]

Elliot: [He won’t want my company.]

Friend: [Then your company will give it to your daughter and your youngest son in the future?]

Elliot: [My daughter doesn’t necessarily want my company. She wanted to be a big star.]

Oh my friend! Then only for your little son.

Elliot: [My youngest son will definitely be no worse than my elder brothers and sisters.]

Friend: [ah ah ah! You mean, your company has no successor?!]

Elliot: [I also have a daughter. When I get her back, I will take good care of her.]


Friend: [At the same age, I only have one son, and you have four! Even if you do a better job than me, you are so much better than me when you have children! Are you still letting people live?]

Elliot: [It’s my wife who is excellent, it has nothing to do with me.]

Friend: [Thinking of your wife makes me even more jealous! Elliot, did you stay up in the middle of the night just to show off to me? Do you believe that I will announce to the world tomorrow that your son is the boss of the dream maker?]

Elliot: [Do you think others will believe it?]

Friend: [Alright! Then you’re really looking for me just to show off?]

Elliot originally wanted to ask a friend for help, but now he chatted with his friend and immediately dismissed the idea.

Hayden is so powerful, he shouldn’t need to do anything more.

Elliot: [Yes.]

Friend: [Although I am envious to death, I am really happy for you. When are you coming to Bridgedale, invite me to dinner!]

Elliot: [Good. I’ll find you next time.]

Friend: [Remember to bring Hayden when the time comes. I mainly want to see Hayden.]

Elliot: […]

The other side.

Chad and Mike drank some wine. They were more excited and chatted all the time.

“You should go to Bridgedale and watch Hayden! I’m really worried that he is outside alone.” Chad said, “Don’t look at my boss who doesn’t seem to care about Hayden so much, in fact, he definitely misses Hayden the most.”

“I’m not their nanny.” Mike complained, “I can go to Bridgedale, then you can apply with Elliot to transfer your job to Bridgedale. Tate Industries branch is in Bridgedale, you can work in Bridgedale. Ah!”

Chad had this thought, but soon the boss and Avery’s wedding will be, and Chad plans to wait until after their wedding to apply for a job transfer with the boss.

“The wedding planned by Brother Ben’s parents is definitely not good.” Chad put down the wine glass and rubbed his eyebrows with both hands. “There are too many places to change.”

“Okay. Don’t ordinary people just want to be happy when they get married? Ben doesn’t feel wronged when he gets married, so why is he wronged by your boss?” Mike had read the wedding planning and didn’t think it needed to be changed.

“It’s not for Avery to perform her talents in public. Of course you don’t think there is a problem. If I make such a wedding plan for my boss, my boss will probably fire me.” Chad still insisted on deciding to change, “Brother Ben said, let me change it and show him.”

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