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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2248 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2248

The woman in black looked disgusted: “I feel that you are mocking me.”

“Ms. Johnstone, why don’t we find a place to sit down and talk! It’s too cold outside.” Emilio’s frozen goosebumps came out…

“I’m not cold! If you still want to talk to me, talk outside.” The woman in black saw that Emilio was cold, but she didn’t think about him at all.

“Okay!” Emilio turned to look at the bodyguard not far away, and ordered, “Hurry up and buy me a down jacket!”

The bodyguard took the order and ran away immediately.

“What the h-e-l-l is going on with Norah? If she’s not feeling well, why did she ask me out?” the woman in black said dissatisfied.

“Ms. Johnstone, I didn’t mean to deceive you. My sister had an accident. We were all looking for her, but we haven’t found her whereabouts yet. We only found her mobile phone.” Emilio said, “Although my sister is gone, but we want to cooperate with you in the same mood.”

The woman in black said: “Cooperation? Do you know what your sister talked about with me?”

“I don’t know, but you can tell me. What benefits my sister can give you, we can give you that.” Emilio said straight to the point, “We only want Haze. As long as you help us find Haze, whatever you want, as long as we can afford it, we will definitely give it to you.”

The woman in black stared at her sly eyes. Emilio’s face looked and looked, as if thinking about whether to agree to him.

“I remember that you don’t seem to have the right to speak in the Jones family!” The woman in black teased, “Let your dad come to talk to me. Otherwise, don’t talk.”

Emilio didn’t expect her to be so arrogant. Not to mention that everyone knew that he had no real power in the Jones family.

Usually the people around him were flattering to his best. One mouth was Young Master Jones, and second was Second Young Master, which made him a little swollen.

“Ms. Johnstone, since you know that I don’t have real power, then you can guess that my dad sent me here. It’s the same thing that I came with my dad.” Emilio didn’t want to go back and tell his father that he couldn’t solve it.

His father disliked him for his incompetence.

He wanted to do things well and impress his father.

“Of course it’s not the same thing. If you promise to give me the benefits and if your father doesn’t recognize it, then I can’t get anything?” The woman in black didn’t think about it, and rejected him, “Go back and tell your dad. Your dad sincerely wants to talk to me, so let him do it himself or, don’t say anything at all! I can let this secret rot in my stomach. After all, I have a cheap life, how can I live?”

Seeing Emilio stunned, the black-clothed woman continued, “If Norah hadn’t been looking for me this time, I wouldn’t want to bring up the old things!”

“Ms. Johnstone, don’t get excited. I’ll go back and tell my dad. My dad didn’t come in person, it’s not that he doesn’t care about this matter, but that he is old and his body is not as tough as before. Otherwise, he will definitely come to talk to you in person.” Emilio Soothe Sasha’s emotions.

“Isn’t your father drinking medicine all the time, I heard that the medicine he drinks can keep him young forever… Could the rumors be false?” The woman in black asked in a teasing tone, “Or Margaret died, didn’t he? Someone made that kind of medicine for him?”

Her words were too aggressive, making Emilio not sure how to answer.

“Ms. Johnstone, you and my father don’t know each other, right?” Emilio felt that she was very hostile to Travis.

The woman in black chuckled: “How could an ordinary person like me know such a noble person. After I fled and came to Bridgedale, I heard people around me often talk about his affairs.”

“Really. Besides, my father’s private life does not affect our cooperation. My father treats partners with sincerity, and you will know when you have contact with my father.” Emilio tried his best to restore his father’s image in his heart.

“Okay! Then it’s up to your father to come and meet me.” The woman in black took out a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, “Do you want it?”

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