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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2247 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2247

“Hayden, Dad has to admit that you are more powerful than Dad.” Elliot used milk instead of wine to fight with Hayden a cup.

Avery knew that Hayden better.

He ate soft and not hard.

Elliot is now willing to lower his stance to please Hayden and flatter Hayden. Hayden will definitely not show Elliot’s face.

“You are you, I am me, there is no need to compare.” Hayden used to care about which of the two is more powerful, but now that he has done what he wants to do, and has a clearer goal, he doesn’t care who is more powerful.

Avery: “Hayden, you’re right. No matter who is more powerful, you or your father, both of you are my pride.”

Avery wanted to drink a glass of milk with them when she said this. At this time, the phone on the table rang.

The call was from Mike.

Avery had already guessed what Mike was calling her to say.

In her circle of friends, Mike was bullied by Ben Schaffer and Chad together, and Mike definitely wanted her to help him do justice.

Avery took a sip of milk and took Mike’s call.

“Avery, Hayden and Elliot are reconciled?” Mike didn’t believe the result, so he called specifically to ask.

“Yeah. Would you like to come and see for yourself?” Avery asked.

“Can I still believe what you said? Since the two of them are reconciled, that’s fine! You don’t have to worry about this problem in the future.” Mike accepted it quickly.

Avery jokingly said: “how can I hear your tone, I’m a little lost.”

“What am I missing, do I look like the kind of villain who can’t see your family reunion and beauty?” Mike’s tone was a little sour, “Forget it, let’s be honest, I’m really a little lost. Hayden’s favorite man in the past, it must be me. Now that he is reconciled with Elliot, I think it won’t be long before Elliot will take my place in his heart.”

“Mike, why do you have such thoughts? You are in Hayden’s heart, your status It can never be replaced by others. Just like your position in my heart, it is by no means that Elliot can easily replace it.” Avery gave Mike a boost.

Mike felt better when he heard her words.

“Mike, you and Chad… Why don’t you stay in Aryadelle in the future! Hayden doesn’t need you to watch and take care of him all the time. I believe he can take care of himself.” Avery began to think about Mike future life.

Mike: “Why don’t you let Chad go with me to Bridgedale? Bridgedale is my motherland.”

“Chad doesn’t listen to me. You have to discuss with him.” Avery couldn’t help.

“Chad doesn’t listen to you, but Elliot listens to you! It’s better if you let Elliot let go.” Mike said, suddenly thinking of their group’s plan to let Avery and Elliot get married on New Year’s Day, so he said, “Don’t worry about our business. I will find you when I need your help in the future. As long as I don’t look for you, it means it’s not a big problem.”

“I’ll go again in a few days! I haven’t had enough fun!” Mike replied, “You guys can play, I won’t disturb you anymore.”


This winter has been extraordinarily cold.

Emilio successfully made an appointment with Sasha Johnstone using Norah’s mobile phone.

Sasha fixed the meeting place.

The location she set was in a park that was usually crowded.

The trees in the park were covered in thick silver with snow and ice, and everything looked bleak and cold.

Emilio got out of the car wearing a woolen coat, and suddenly felt the cold air pierce through the layers of fabrics and into the pores.

Not far away, a figure wrapped in a long black down jacket turned around abruptly and looked at him.

After Emilio rubbed his hands, he strode towards the woman in black.

“Are you Ms. Sasha Johnstone? Hello, I’m Emilio, Norah’s younger brother. My sister is not feeling well today, so let me meet you.” Emilio walked to the woman in black and turned towards her Reach out.

12 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2247 By Naijdate.Com”

    1. Agree !!!! Chapters are so short only a few paragraphs really!! It is seriously hard to read it when it only takes a couple minutes and yes comfort in that or time to relax just when you get into the story it ends!!

  1. I’ve always thought Mike’s feelings toward Avery are not healthy, even if it just as friends. He behaves and talks as if his whole world revolves around Avery’s choices, like he doesnt have his own mind or whishes to achieve. I guess his role in the story is to be a brother to her, but I dont think it has been shown properly. He sounds like he is obsessed with her. At least Tammy got married and has her own life. We will see…

  2. I totally agree with You Mei. Mike Tammy and Hayden also Gwen, I bet that they are far from done with manipulating their relationship, Gwen’s money hungry, star struck and is only worried about climbing the social ladder, Tammy wants everything that Avery has and has always wanted it. Mike has to be the center of attention and needs for her to depend on him and the kids for everything on top of being possessive and jealous, and I blame Avery for ALL of it because she’s the one who allowed it perpetuated it and involved all of them with their personal information and situations that for the most part should not have been involved in, and her continuous comparing them to one another talking about who’s more powerful and smarter and stronger, who does that between father and son, Avery has always put them against each other and she thrives off of that! Avery has always treated Hayden like her little husband and Layla like a damn dummy and there twins, make it make sense!!!!

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