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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2245 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2245

After Avery chose the tea, she asked: “Elliot, do you know what language this is? It seems to be Italian. “

Elliot: “You guessed it right, this is Italian.”

Avery saw that Elliot’s tone was so determined, and asked, “You can speak Italian?”

“I learned a little before. But I haven’t touched it for many years, so I almost forgot.” Elliot Put the dessert menu in front of Hayden and let him choose.

“Why do you want to learn Italian? Don’t you study architecture?” Avery knew that he knew Italian for the first time.

Avery had seen his bookshelf. There were many original foreign classic books on his bookshelf.

But Avery felt that Elliot bought those books just to collect or pretend, it didn’t mean that he knew the languages ​​of those countries.

“Because I liked an Italian architect very much, I bought the book because I didn’t want to read the translation, I had to learn Italian by myself.” Elliot replied.

Hayden was clearly looking at the menu, but since Elliot started talking, Hayden couldn’t help but prick up his ears.

“As long as it’s a translation published by a regular publishing house, it’s generally not too different from the original. You go to learn a foreign language for a book. I think you love Italian, right?” Avery guessed.

Elliot flushed with embarrassment: “I think it’s very romantic to express it in Italian.”

Avery: “???”

Hayden looked at him directly in surprise.

“Why haven’t I seen you speak Italian to me? Who did you confess to in Italian?” Avery saw that Elliot was so nervous that his face flushed, so she didn’t plan to let him go.

Although it’s an old story in the past, but now speaking it can relieve the boredom and deepen the understanding of him by the way.

“I just have that idea, and I haven’t confessed to anyone.” Elliot saw his son staring at him from the corner of his eyes, so he explained it seriously and rigorously, “You can understand that although I haven’t been in love before, but in my mind I fantasized about an ideal love.”

This statement was approved by Avery.

“Then try to confess to me in Italian now.” Avery looked at him expectantly.

A white light flashed in Elliot’s mind.

This…how embarrassing!

He hadn’t spoken Italian for a long time, and he was very rusty.

Although it may be simple to say a few words, but let him say love words to her in front of his son, he can’t say anything anyway.

“How embarrassing in front of my son.” Elliot glanced at Avery with pleading eyes.

Avery said calmly, “My son doesn’t understand Italian.” Avery looked at Hayden and asked, “Hayden, you don’t understand, right? I remember you didn’t learn this.”

Hayden nodded.

“Look, my son doesn’t understand. You don’t have to feel embarrassed to say anything nasty.” Avery continued in an encouraging tone, “Go ahead! I’m ready.”

Hayden randomly selected a few desserts from the menu, and then handed the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter left, Hayden took out his mobile phone and pretended to play with it.

The atmosphere was really weird.

His Mom and Dad were on a sweet date, and Hayden acted as a light bulb next to him.

Elliot took a deep breath, brewed his emotions, and then spoke love words to Avery.

With the melodious and romantic Italian love songs, he said a lot of Italian to Avery.

After he finished speaking, Avery nodded with satisfaction.

“Avery, I haven’t practiced for too long, the grammar may not be so standard…” Elliot shyly said.

Avery said calmly and carelessly, “It’s okay. I don’t understand at all.”

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  1. I can’t stand Mike Tammy or Hayden! Hayden couldn’t resist trying to embarrass and put Elliott on the spot, why lie about knowing Italian, to secretly put the translation app on his phone to try to bust him out or do make Avery feel like what he was saying wasn’t really anything. For what, why ruin your parents special day? He’s still a mean, spiteful, manipulative, conniving defiant little boy, and Mike’s even worse because he’s an adult that desperately needs to get his own home, life and relationship.

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