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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2240 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2240

Emilio was relatively unfamiliar with Sasha Johnstone, but he saw a name that made his eyes shine from the information they exchanged – Hazel.

Hazel is the daughter of Elliot and Avery.

The two of them went to Yonroeville to find Hazel before, so they were designed by Norah and almost died tragically in the suburbs of a foreign country!

After Emilio read the information of Norah and Sasha several times, he probably guessed Sasha’s identity.

He was ecstatic when he got a treasure.

The first thought that popped into his mind was that if he told his father about it, he would be very happy.

After the idea came to him, he felt sad!

He clearly hated his father, and wanted to kill his father himself, so that no one would call him incompetent, and no one would use the Jones family property to force him to be obedient.

But why did he think of pleasing his father for the first time after he got such an important clue?

He can tell Avery this clue. If he wants benefits, Avery will definitely give him benefits very generously.

“Young master Jones, is there any important information on the phone?” The bodyguard saw that he was nervous, so he asked, “Should we go back to Aryadelle immediately, or continue to find Norah?”

Another bodyguard said: “Young master Jones, let’s go back. If we keep looking for it like this, when will it stop? You just hand over Norah’s mobile phone to your father, so you can do business?”

“Yes! You are the only heir of the old man, even if the old man thinks that you are not good enough, I will definitely not blame you. Why do you continue to suffer outside.”

The words of the two bodyguards made Emilio’s swaying heart settle a little bit.

If he wants to inherit Travis’s property, he must stand in the same boat with Travis.

Even if he helps Avery, Avery will at most give him a certain benefit, but how can this benefit be compared with the Jones family’s fortune?

Thinking of this, he took his bodyguards down the mountain.

“Where will Norah go? Did someone find her here before us and take her away?” When they descended the mountain, they chatted, “I think the old man wants to see Norah’s body more than Norah’s cell phone. “

“But Norah has disappeared on this mountain now, and we have no way to find her! Think about it, Elliot has been looking for his daughter for all these years, but hasn’t he found it? The living are easy to find, the dead. ……It’s difficult!”

“Well.” The bodyguard responded to his colleague, then looked at Emilio, “Young master Jones, are we going back to Aryadelle today, or tomorrow? If we go back today…”

“Tomorrow Come on! It’s getting dark when I get to the hotel later.” Emilio was running around all day, and he was very tired at the moment. In addition, he wanted to calm down and think about what to do next.

At 7:00 in the evening, Emilio returned to the hotel.

After having dinner at the restaurant on the third floor, he and the bodyguard went back to their rooms.

After closing the door, he turned on Norah’s mobile phone and read the information and call records inside.

This mobile phone is Norah’s frequently used mobile phone. If there is no accident, she will not throw it away at will.

So Norah definitely had an accident.

That’s fine, so that he and his father don’t have to do it again.

After resting in bed for a while, Emilio picked up his mobile phone and found Avery’s number to dial.

He has to go back to Aryadelle tomorrow. Before returning to Aryadelle, he wants to ask Avery to come out and meet.

The call went through and it took a few seconds to be answered.

“Emilio, what’s the matter with you?” Avery was washing Elliot’s hair.

Because of the wound on his head, his head has not touched water for more than a week.

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