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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2238 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2238

“Mom, do you know Sasha Johnstone, right?” Hayden looked into his mother’s eyes and asked.

Avery tensed up, with a layer of hatred on her face: “Of course I know! It’s her who tricked me and your father into the basement!”

“Norah bought her, so she did such a thing. I think She may know Haze’s whereabouts, so she has been sending people to look for her.” Hayden explained everything one by one, “Sasha Johnstone is a very smart woman, she received a large amount of favors from Norah. After she escaped from Yonroeville, she bought a fake identity to live.”

“Have you found Sasha Johnstone?” Avery’s heart was beating violently.

Hayden shook his head: “I only found her boyfriend. She used a fake identity to make friends with her boyfriend.”

“Hayden, you are amazing. How did you find Sasha Johnstone? She used a fake identity, and you can find her all.” Avery admired his son’s means and ability from the bottom of her heart.

No wonder his son would say that Elliot is not strong enough.

Avery doesn’t think Elliot’s strength was not good, but Hayden’s mind was more flexible and his thinking was more divergent.

“I found her by her looks. After she escaped from Yonroeville, she went to a dance hall in the country named Carinovelle to sell alcohol. Before the people I sent out to find her, she ran away overnight. Her reaction ability is particularly strong, not too So I can catch her.”

“People like her who have been in a criminal gang must have stronger psychological quality and reflexes than ordinary people. I have met her before, and I think she is a very complicated person. It feels like she may really not know Haze’s whereabouts, if she knew, she should have told me.”

“Mom, they don’t have a word of truth in their mouths.” Hayden said indifferently, “No matter what they do or say, it is for their own survival.”

Avery: “But Sasha Johnstone wanted me to help her before. Euthanasia.”

“If she wants to die, she can die. Why does she want to be euthanized? Is it because she is afraid of pain!” Hayden sarcastically.

Hayden’s words made Avery not know how to refute.

“Her boyfriend told you that Haze was sold to a wealthy family. Are there any other clues?” Avery’s mood was not as desperate as before.

If Haze was really sold to a wealthy family, then there is a high probability that Haze would still be alive.

Hayden shook his head: “Her boyfriend doesn’t know much. Sasha Johnstone just told him something vaguely. I don’t know who the rich man is and what his nationality is. “

“Hayden, thank you for doing so much in secret. When your father had an accident, you silently helped a lot.” Avery was so moved that she hugged her son.

Hayden was not used to his mother holding him like this, so he siad, “Mom, I said I would look for my sister, and I definitely won’t let it go.”

Hayden let go of his mother and said bluntly, “I’m a little hungry, let’s go eat!”

Avery: “You must tell me the news. I really want to get her back, but I paid a very painful price to your father before, which made me a little scared…”

“Don’t be afraid, mom. Be careful in the future. It’s over.” Hayden comforted Avery, “If you have anything to do in the future, you can also tell me. This way, when you are in danger, I can find you as soon as possible.”

Avey: “Okay.”

In the hotel.

After waiting for three days, Emilio did not wait for Norah’s reply.

He was a little disappointed. Because the plan he told Norah was the plan he really wanted to implement.

He doesn’t want to endure the old thing Travis anymore!

But on his own, he didn’t dare to do it.

If Norah joins, he would be more sure.

However, Norah did not believe him after all. Just like Travis never looked him in the eye.

In their eyes, he was a waste without the ability to rely on.

After taking a sip of red wine, Emilio dialed Norah.

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