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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2236 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2236

Avery laughed dumbly: “This gossip is too outrageous. When I gave birth to Robert, I took a break for at least half a year.”

Elliot: “You didn’t stay at home in the first place.”

“Go out. I’ll see your recovery then!” Avery helped Elliot to the dining room, “You can work from home after a while. As long as you don’t have a headache, I won’t let you do anything.”

“Do you still want to go to Bridgedale?” Elliot asked, “Didn’t you invite a team to be in Bridgedale before? Would you like to go and deal with the affairs of Bridgedale?”

“I can go or not. Originally, those people in my team have not believed in any resurrection. They keep suggesting that I open your head and look at the thing inside, but I did the operation considering you, and I’m worried it will hurt you…”

“Avery, sometimes you still have to believe in yourself.” Elliot said.

Avery: “It doesn’t make sense to talk about it now. If it wasn’t you who was at risk, I would definitely be more sensible. As long as something related to you requires me to make a decision, I will be dominated by fear.”

Elliot: “When you go out in the future, you can no longer be led by the nose.”

Avery: “Okay.”

“Oh, you two don’t be nauseous!” Layla said, “In the future, when you two go out, it will be safe to bring more bodyguards.”

“Layla, it’s not the bodyguard’s problem.” Although Avery wanted to let go of this matter, but she felt that it was necessary to review it, “The reason why your father and I were calculated by others a while ago was because we wanted to find your sister Haze too much.”

“Mom, haven’t you found Haze yet?” Layla remembered this, and her face was inexplicably heavy.

Robert’s eyes lit up and his voice was clear and asked: “Sister, do I have a younger sister?”

“Yes! She is a little younger than you. She was taken away by the bad guys. Mom and Dad just left us just because they were looking for her.” Layla explained the matter to her brother in an easy-to-understand manner.

Robert listened and pouted: “Why did the villain arrest my sister? Is it because she was disobedient?”

“When our sister was taken away, she was still a very small baby. How could she be disobedient? The villain is too bad, that’s why they took our sister.” Layla explained angrily, “If I catch the villain, I have to kill him!”

“Sister, I will kill the villain with you!” Robert said, cried out.

Avery looked at the excited appearance of the two children, with mixed feelings in her heart, not the taste.

At that time, everyone in the Jobin family was dead, and even the murderer who made the murder case was not found out.

When Kyrie Jobin was alive, he made too many enemies, and the possession of guns in Yonroeville was legal, so shooting cases were not uncommon in the local area. However, the Jobin family was well-guarded, and the criminals could easily break through the defense and successfully commit the crime. It must have been secretly planned for a long time, and insiders had long been placed into the Jobin family to respond.

“Layla, Robert, your mother wants to tell you that your sister Haze may be gone.” Avery was afraid that the children would miss her sister, so she said, “Dad has been sending people to look for her over the years. But there is no news of her being found at all. It only means that she may be gone.”

“This also shows that Elliot is not strong enough.” Hayden, who had been silent all the time, suddenly answered.

Everyone’s eyes ‘swish’, and they all fell on Hayden’s face.

“Hayden, your father tried his best.” Avery said.

“I know he tried his best, so I said his strength is not good.” Hayden made no secret of his doubts about Elliot’s ability, he said, “According to the information I got, Haze should not be dead.”

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