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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2234 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2234

“I know you won’t have an opinion, but you are going to tell your parents!” Gwen urged, “And how to implement it, you have to help. Tammy and I are just making ideas, You don’t want us to do everything, do you?”

Ben Schaffer stared at her excited look and asked, “What about our wedding? What are your plans?”

Gwen took out her phone, opened the calendar, and after a bit of flicking, she pointed to a time on the calendar, “Just this day! One week before the Spring Festival. After the wedding, we can go out for a few days for our honeymoon. After the honeymoon is over, we can come back for the New Year. What do you think?”

Ben raised his brows: “Is the honeymoon only for a few days? Gwen, are you too perfunctory? I remember that your second brother and Avery booked a honeymoon for half a month.”

“What are you doing compared to the two of them? Before the two of them I can remember that wedding very clearly. It was unprecedented and unparalleled. If you like to compare with them so much, why don’t you compare the scale of your wedding with them? We are getting married with the arrange of your parents, right? I arranged for my second brother’s wedding.”

Gwen said confidently, feeling a little sore in her legs, so she sat down in her boss chair.

Ben: “I originally wanted to prepare our wedding myself, didn’t you always regret it and couldn’t set the wedding date? My parents saw us procrastinating, so they helped us prepare…”

“I don’t blame to your parents. My main point is that you don’t compare yourself to my second brother. A week’s honeymoon is not too short. Why do you have to take half a month? Are you not tired of playing for half a month?” Gwen usually needs to run around for her work. So she just wanted to stay at home on vacation.

Ben: “Why is it tiring on my honeymoon? I haven’t had a vacation for a long time. I want to take a good rest while on my honeymoon.”

“Yes, we can have a good rest at home. Then we will rest at home.” Gwen said.

Ben Schaffer’s face was unbelievable: “My parents will not leave until after the Spring Festival. If the two of us have our honeymoon at home, do you think they can agree? My mother told me before that she ordered us a luxury honeymoon package abroad.”

Gwen: “New Year’s Day My second brother’s wedding is for my second brother, and the honeymoon luxury package is also for my second brother!”

Ben: “…”

“If you are afraid of your parents, then we will find a hotel outside and have a good rest.” Gwen didn’t want to embarrass him.

Ben Schaffer: “Okay! You can’t stay at home anyway. Which couple do you see on their honeymoon and rest at home? Gwen, you are too unchaste! This is my first marriage, so you fool me like that.”

“It’s like I’m getting married for the second time.” Gwen thought about it for a second, she was indeed a little ashamed of Ben Schaffer when she offered to give the wedding to her second brother, “The honeymoon will be arranged by you then, okay?”

“It’s not too bad. My parents should have prepared the wedding on New Year’s Day. I’ll go and ask about the situation.” Ben Schaffer started to feel uneasy when he said this.

He didn’t know if his parents would be angry.

“Gwen, why don’t you go with me! If my parents scold me, you can still help me.” Ben Schaffer said humbly.

“You’re such a big man, you’re still afraid of your parents scolding you?” Gwen didn’t dare to go with him, so she encouraged him, “Don’t worry, your parents love you so much, and they definitely won’t scold you.”

“My parents have never scolded me.” Ben Schaffer tangled, “I grew up…”

“That’s not what you said when you chased me before. You said that your parents almost didn’t talk to you in order to urge marriage. You cut off the relationship. They must have scolded you and more than once.”

“Okay, I’ll go.” Ben Schaffer took a deep breath and came out of the study.

Gwen followed him out secretly, but she didn’t dare to go downstairs.

About twenty minutes later, Ben Schaffer went upstairs with a stack of documents.

The past twenty minutes have been very quiet, without any quarrel.

Gwen guessed that the uncle and aunt should have agreed to give the wedding to her second brother.

Ben Schaffer came to the study with the documents and closed the study door at the same time.

“It’s all about the New Year’s Day wedding.”

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