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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2233 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2233

Elliot heard the words and looked at Avery with deep eyes: “You must be quite disappointed, right?”

Avery smiled: “Only a little bit disappointed. Because I know our children will always leave us.”

Avery: “Don’t use it like this. Look at this with pessimistic thoughts. They are not leaving us, but to complete their mission in this world.”

“When Layla leaves us in the future, I hope you can be so open-minded.” Avery said this sentence After coming out, the calmness on Elliot’s face quickly disintegrated.

In the evening, Gwen returned to Ben’s mansion with the spoils of the day.

Gwen lived in his house now.

At first, Gwen was too embarrassed to move in. Later, when Ben Schaffer went to Bridgedale, Ben Schaffer’s parents called Gwen to come and live with them.

For Gwen, getting married to Ben Schaffer, apart from having a child and giving her a headache, was like the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, she never worried about it.

Because Ben Schaffer’s parents were very kind and loving to her.

First, she was Elliot’s younger sister.

Secondly, her career had improved, and even if she didn’t rely on Ben Schaffer, she could live well.

It could be said that if Ben Schaffer missed Gwen, he might not be able to find such a young and beautiful wife in the future.

The two elders were satisfied with Gwen and relieved.

“Gwen, why didn’t you let Ben Schaffer go shopping with you? Are you exhausted from carrying so many things?” Juniper Schaffer hurriedly helped Gwen pick up the bag in her hand.

“I went shopping with Tammy today. Tammy didn’t bring her husband, and I’m embarrassed to bring Ben Schaffer.” Gwen took out the things she bought for the two elders, “Is Ben Schaffer back?”

Juniper: “Go back, he’s upstairs! Originally we said we would wait for you to come back for dinner, but he said you were eating out, but we didn’t wait for you.”

“I ate out with Tammy. Auntie, I went up to find Ben. It’s over.” Gwen wanted to tell Ben Schaffer about her and Tammy’s plans.

When Gwen went upstairs, Ben Schaffer came out of the study, and the two faced each other.

When Ben Schaffer saw Gwen coming back, he quickly finished the phone.

Ben: “Gwen, what did you guys buy so late?”

“Clothes, shoes and bags!” Gwen said lightly, dragging Ben Schaffer into the study on the second floor, “Ben Schaffer, let me tell you something!”

“What’s the matter? It’s so mysterious.” Ben Schaffer began to ponder when he saw that her expression was wrong.

Gwen was relatively young and couldn’t hold anything in her heart. Usually, she would say anything directly, instead of having a big move in her stomach like she does now.

“The wedding your parents prepared for us, why don’t you give my second brother and Avery a knot? My dad screwed up the last wedding of the two of them, so neither of them have a complete wedding. Avery must feel very sorry.” Gwen brought the matter up.

Ben Schaffer was surprised.

Although it didn’t matter if Elliot and Avery gave the wedding to Elliot, Ben Schaffer thought that Elliot might not look down on the wedding planned by his parents.

Gwen: “Ben, I know you will definitely agree. It’s just that your parents…”

“Gwen, you’re not too hot to tell me this, are you?” Ben Schaffer pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Did Tammy come up with it?”

Gwen nodded.

“This Tammy, I really dare to think about it!” Ben Schaffer laughed.

“Don’t tell my second brother and Avery about this. Wait until the wedding day to inform them.” Gwen looked at his expression.

“If that’s the case, that’s pretty fun.” Ben Schaffer said, and nodded, “I have no problem.”

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