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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2232 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2232

Avery hesitated.

Elliot has a strong self-esteem. If the outside world knows about this, he will be discussed all the time.

He has always kept a low profile, and definitely does not want these disgraceful things to spread freely.

“Miss Tate, I implore you to think about it again. I will discuss this matter with the rest of the organizing committee to see if there is a better way to solve it properly. Give us some time, okay? “Seeing that Avery’s mind was shaken, the other party immediately let both sides go down the steps.

“Okay, I hope you can think about it clearly.” Avery hesitated for a while, but her position did not change, “If you still insist on your own opinions, then neither the honor of my teacher nor the face of Elliot will threaten you. Come to me.”

“Okay, I know your determination.”

After the phone call, Avery returned to the ward.

There was not Elliot on the hospital bed.

“Elliot!” Avery exclaimed.

Her exclamation immediately attracted the bodyguards outside the ward.

“Miss Tate, what’s the matter?” The bodyguard asked nervously.

Avery: “Where are the others?”

“The boss didn’t leave the ward!” The bodyguards had been conscientiously guarding the door of the ward, not seeing Elliot went out.

Just when Avery was thinking about it, the door of the bathroom opened and Elliot came out.

Avery and the bodyguard were stunned.

Although Elliot had been operated on for a week, he had only woken up for two days. Everyone thought that he could only rest in bed and couldn’t get out of bed. Unexpectedly, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom by himself…

This gesture of freedom of movement of Elliot seemed to be discharged.

“Avery, who are you talking to?” Elliot preempted her.

If it wasn’t for Avery talking on the phone for a long time, Elliot wouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed.

Before Avery brought the child to visit him this morning, he still felt weak, lacking strength, and had a headache.

After drinking the soup she fed, and being bathed and changed by her, he felt as if his body had been injected with energy.

First of all, the pain in the head was not so much, and secondly, the physical strength had recovered a lot.

After recovering his strength, Elliot could not lie down in the hospital bed.

“Why did you get out of bed? Are you dizzy?” Avery helped him to the hospital bed and sat down. “You’re going to the bathroom, can’t you call someone? If you don’t want to call someone, you can ring the bell to call a nurse!”

Elliot: “I’m fine. I’m not dizzy. I just want to try it out to see if I can get out of bed.”

“Of course you can, but it’s better to get out of bed with someone to escort you. What if you fall down on the ground?” Avery urged, “I want you to be discharged earlier than you.”

Elliot: “Why?”

“Are you comfortable living here?” Avery retorted, “Don’t you want to be at home? You don’t want to open your eyes to see cuteness every day. Hayden said he would leave after this weekend. I hope you can be discharged before the weekend.”

“I can be discharged now.” Elliot looked at Avery seriously, “I’m not dizzy, just a little pain.”

“You get up.” Avery took his arm, “I’ll walk with you to see if your body can handle it.”

“Okay. Didn’t I stay in the ICU for several days? It is estimated that when I was in the ICU, my brain was injured. I’ve recovered a lot. It’s not that painful anymore.” With her help, Elliot walked out of the ward, “Avery, did you talk to Hayden again? I feel that his attitude towards me has improved a lot.”

“Well. In addition to my heart-to-heart with him, he has grown up himself.” Avery said, “He knows the boundaries now. Knowing that my life is my life, and his life is his life.”

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