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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2230 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2230

Gwen thought Tammy’s proposal was great. However, it might be more difficult to implement.

Now only the two of them knew about the plan, and they had to pull in the others to help.

Gwen: “I’ll go back in the evening and talk to Ben to see if he agrees.”

“Gwen, you have to look at his face? You two are not married yet! You must let him listen to you.” Tammy said With the attitude of the person who came over, she taught her the experience, “You must be ruthless with men. Avery and your second brother Elliot are the best examples. Your second brother used to be crazy, but now he is not firmly in the palm of Avery’s hand.”

Gwen said jokingly: “Was it held by Avery in the palm of her hand? Avery not only shaves him personally, but also feeds him soup. If Ben Schaffer was lying on the hospital bed, I would not have the patience! It’s not that my hand is broken and I can’t move.”

“Cough Cough! What if Ben Schaffer doesn’t help?” Tammy was afraid that the plan would be ruined.

“He shouldn’t help? We were helping Avery and my second brother. After all, their previous wedding was indeed destroyed. If I were Avery, I would definitely feel very sorry. If I can make up for this regret and don’t worry about yourself, Avery should be very happy!” Gwen thought about it from Avery’s standpoint, and felt that it could be done.

Tammy: “If you do it well, you will be happy. If you do it badly, it will be another matter. So it’s definitely not good if it’s just the two of us. You go back to discuss with Ben at night, and I’ll discuss it with my husband.”

Gwen teased: “Tammy, ​​do you still need to discuss with your husband? Aren’t you in charge of your family?”

Tammy’s cheeks were hot, and she held her head high and said, “Of course my family is in charge of me. I’m Go back and arrange work for Jun.”

Gwen: “Hahaha! In fact, outsiders can tell at a glance that your husband listens to you very much. The main reason is that he doesn’t seem to have any opinions, while you seem to be very smart and very thoughtful.”

“Gwen, you’re really accurate. But my husband is not indifferent to anything.” Although Tammy liked to shout at Jun but her love for him had never changed.

When something bad happened, Jun’s parents objected to the two being together. If he hadn’t insisted on being with her, They would have long since separated.

Gwen: “There’s such a thing! Then I’ll have to look at Brother Jun in the future. “

“Haha! By the way, after you married Ben, didn’t Jun want to call you sister-in-law?” Tammy suddenly felt that her seniority had been lowered, “Ben Schaffer is Jun’s senior, and he called Ben Schaffer’s elder brother. But it’s affectionate.”

“I see that Jun is very affectionate when he calls my second brother. You didn’t call Avery a sister-in-law, did you?” Gwen said, “I have never called Avery a sister-in-law. I think calling Avery is a sister-in-law, people will call me old. Even if I get married to Ben Schaffer, you and your husband still call me Gwen! How kind to call my name!”

Tammy: “Well.”

In the hospital.

After Avery fed Elliot soup, she scrubbed his body again, and then changed him into clean clothes brought from home.

After cleaning Elliot up, Avery sat down to rest. She took out the thermos cup and mobile phone she carried with her from her bag.

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  1. Tammy needs a good slap I can’t stand her. Avery is not treating Elliott like a baby she is taking care of the man she loves. Too bad Tammy doesn’t have that.

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