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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2228 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2228

Of course Elliot knew this. But he was not as nervous as Avery. Haze was also his flesh and blood, even if he lost his life because of looking for her, he will not regret it.

It’s just that he won’t say such things. Avery would definitely be angry if he did.

“Unfortunately,” his Adam’s apple moved up and down, regretting, “after so long, I still haven’t found any news about Haze.”

Avery: “I didn’t believe it before, but now, we can’t find her, we must accept the reality. “

Elliot listened quietly and didn’t answer.

“Elliot, let go of this knot! Life must go on.” Avery glanced at him and knew what he was thinking.

Elliot had always been able to do what he wanted and what he wanted to do. He had never been bent over by difficulties, so he would not give up easily about finding Haze.

“Hmm.” He agreed. Because he didn’t want Avery to worry. He didn’t want Avery to continue to suffer because of Haze’s incident.

“Want something to eat?” Avery brought breakfast.

Mrs. Cooper got up at three o’clock in the morning to make soup, so that Avery would bring it over in the morning and give Elliot a taste.

“Mrs. Cooper originally wanted to come and see you together, but she didn’t sleep all night, just to make soup for you. It is said that the soup boiled on a slow fire is better. I think she is too hard, so let her have a good rest first.” When the insulation box was opened, a strong fragrance wafted out.

Elliot’s appetite rose.

He raised the head of the hospital bed and let him sit against it.

About twenty minutes later, Gwen, Tammy, and Jun came to visit Elliot.

They were puzzled when they saw Chad standing outside the door of the ward.

“Avery is inside.” Chad scratched his head, “I’m embarrassed to disturb them.”

“But after my brother woke up, I haven’t seen him yet.” Gwen couldn’t help pushing the door of the ward open when he said this…

In the ward, Elliot was leaning on the bed, Avery was shaving Elliot with a razor in her hand.

With a curious expression, Gwen walked to the side of the hospital bed in two steps, staring at Elliot’s hands: “Brother, can’t you move your hands?”

Elliot raised his hands to show her in order to prove that his hands were all right.

“It scared me to death! I thought something was wrong with your hand!” Gwen sighed in relief.

“Hahaha, Gwen, you are about to get married, can’t you see that this is the love between them?” Tammy laughed and joked, “There seems to be a strong smell of chicken soup in the ward. Avery, Have you brought chicken soup to Elliot?” Avery shaved Elliot with a blushing face and wiped his face with a towel.

“Well. There’s quite a lot. Would you like to try it?” Avery asked politely.

“Hahaha, the three of us have a taste, and your husband won’t have anything to drink.” Tammy sat down in the chair next to her, watching the excitement, “Look at Elliot’s mental state, it’s not bad! It’ll be fine in a few days. Have you been discharged from the hospital?”

“If he recovers well, he can go home to recuperate in a few days.” Avery said and took the washbasin towel to the bathroom and put it there.

Jun walked to the other side of the hospital bed, looked at Elliot’s face, and looked at it: “Brother Elliot, fortunately you are all right. I’m worried to death.”

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