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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2227 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2227

“Don’t say this in front of your children. We will talk about the two of us in private later.” Avery plans to wait After I send the child to school, I will have a good chat with him.

Elliot thought that he could escape, but looking at her appearance, he would inevitably be educated later.

“Hayden, when you come back this time, let’s play for a few more days!” Elliot looked at his son with a peaceful expression.

Hayden looked at Elliot’s sick face, and it was really difficult to confront him.

“You don’t mind me. You mind yourself!” Hayden was not very good at talking to him. Although his words were unpleasant, his tone was not as cold and stern as before.

“Well. Dad really has to take care of himself in the future. It can’t be a burden on you anymore.” Elliot blamed himself.

“Hayden didn’t blame you.” Avery was afraid that he would misunderstand his son, “Since Hayden came back to see you, he naturally didn’t hate you like he did before.”

Avery’s words all fell into Robert’s ears.

Robert was very puzzled, raised his head and looked at his brother: “Brother, why do you hate my father?”

Hayden: “…”

Avery hugged Robert embarrassedly and explained: “Your brother doesn’t hate your Dad.”

“Mom, what you just said, you said that my brother hates Dad.” Robert blinked his big bright eyes, never doubting that he heard it wrong.

Avery: “Brother did hate Dad a little bit before, but that was the past.”

Robert didn’t understand Avery’s explanation.

Robert glared at his brother, staring fiercely.

“Okay, after seeing Dad, you can go to school! Your brother will send you to kindergarten.” Hayden took Robert from his mother’s arms and forcibly took him out of the ward.

Robert howled.

Avery was worried and wanted to go out.

“Mom, take care of dad! I’m going to coax my brother! When I coax my brother, I’ll go to school!” Layla said, looking at her father, “Dad, listen to my mother, I’ll here with you after school at night.”

“Okay.” Elliot watched his daughter walk out of the ward, feeling a little nervous.

Avery walked to the door, watched the three children leave, and closed the door of the ward.

She walked to the side of the hospital bed, sat down on the chair next to her, and looked at the man on the bed with a calm expression.

Elliot’s heartbeat accelerated as he watched, and his body temperature rose suddenly.

“What did you chat with Ben Schaffer?” Avery didn’t rush to complain about him, but chatted with him.

“We talked about his marriage with Gwen. He said that they can only hold the wedding if I am healthy.” He asked Avery, “I should be able to recover almost on New Year’s Day, right? Or let them get married on New Year’s Day. Because I’m very embarrassed that their wedding has been delayed again and again.”

“What’s so embarrassing about it? They really want to have a wedding, and they can do it anytime. Elliot, don’t take risks for others in the future.” Avery borrowed Talking to him on this topic, “Haze, let’s stop here!”

After Elliot woke up, he also thought about these questions.

Elliot: “Avery, I won’t stop sending people to look for her.”

“Of course it’s okay to send people to look for her. But let’s not fall into other people’s traps. There are many people who know Haze. They secretly want to use Haze against us. There are not a few people.” Avery analyzed it with him.

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