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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2226 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2226

Avery thinks in a trance that Hayden and Layla were not gregarious when they were young like Robert, and were unwilling to go to kindergarten and Play with other kids.

At that time, she was very worried about the physical and mental health of the child, especially Hayden, and was reluctant to say more.

Mrs. Cooper saw what Avery was worried about, so she smiled and comforted her: “Robert’s age is very normal. It’s not that he doesn’t play with kindergarten children at all. He also has good friends in kindergarten, but he prefers to play at home. I sometimes take Robert to the community, meet other parents of children, chat with others, there are children who are less in love with school than Robert.”

Avery: “It can be seen that it is more lively and healthy.”

“Yeah!” Mrs. Cooper said, thinking of Elliot, “Is Mr. Foster completely out of danger? Will there be no more accidents in the future?”

“It should be no more.” Avery was not too sure, “Wait for a few more days for him to recover, and then give him a detailed examination.

“I follow you all in fear, and I’m almost scared of having a heart attack.” Mrs. Cooper sighed.

Avery: “We will definitely be more careful in the future. After all, we have experienced so many lessons, and it is time to have a good memory.”

“Well. You go to take a bath and rest early. I will take Robert to sleep later.” Mrs. Cooper said.

Avery: “Okay.”

The next day, morning. Avery took three children to the hospital to visit Elliot.

Unexpectedly, Ben Schaffer and Chad were in the ward.

“Why are you here so early?” Avery greeted them both, “It’s only after seven o’clock.”

“Brother Ben came over last night and stayed in the ward all night.” Chad said, “I just here.”

“Oh.” Avery glanced at the man on the hospital bed.

“That… Brother Ben, since Avery is here, let me take you back to rest!” Chad pulled Ben Schaffer and quickly exited the ward.

“Don’t leave in a hurry!” Avery was a little embarrassed. She didn’t come alone, she also brought three children, and they didn’t need to evade.

“Uh…or else, Brother Ben, go first! You have dark circles under your eyes, you have not slept last night, right?” Chad felt that the ward was too crowded, “Let the bodyguard take you back. I’ll come here again and I’ll go to work in the company later.”

“Okay! I’ll come back at night.” Ben Schaffer left the ward satisfied.

As soon as Ben Schaffer left, Layla and Robert immediately moved to the side of the hospital bed and stared at Elliot on the bed.

Elliot was in a good mood when he saw the children.

“Didn’t you go to school today?” Elliot’s mind was blank, he had a lot to say, but he didn’t know what to say to the children for a while.

“Dad, it’s only after seven o’clock. I’ll go to school later.” Layla took her dad’s big palm and stared at the needle on the back of his hand, looking distressed, “Dad, does your hand hurt? Ah? When can you be discharged from the hospital? When you are discharged from the hospital, take us out to play! I haven’t gone out with you for a long time.”

“Okay. When Dad is discharged from the hospital, Dad will take you wherever you want to go.” Elliot complied with his daughter’s request in every possible way.

Avery listened and couldn’t help but interrupt: “You must rest at home for at least half a year after you are discharged from the hospital. When your body is completely back to normal, think about going out again!”

Elliot frowned slightly after hearing this.

Seeing that Elliot was not satisfied, Avery was about to speak again. At this time, Layla took the lead and said, “Dad, you have to listen to my mom. Mom is a doctor, and what mom said must be right.”

“Elliot, what my daughter understands, you don’t understand.” Avery was angry.

“Avery, I will listen to you in the future.” Elliot’s face was gentle and his tone was full of patience, “As long as you don’t get mad at me.”

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