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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2225 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2225

Avery: “Layla, keep your voice down. Your father is fine for the time being. But he is still relatively weak. So I can’t take you to the hospital to see him tonight. I’ll take you to see him tomorrow.”

“But I want to see him now!” Layla hurriedly pulled her mother and ran towards her room, “I’m going to take a shower soon…”

Avery: “Layla, your dad is sleeping now. We won’t be going tonight.”

“Then can I go see dad tomorrow morning?” Layla wanted to see dad too much.

“Yes. Then you have to go to bed earlier tonight.” Avery took her daughter back to the room. “Also, you can’t get wet like this in the future. Mom won’t be so worried when it rains in summer. It’s easy to catch cold in winter.”

“Mom, I’m not cold. My clothes are dry.” Layla was wearing a thin T-shirt that had been dried by the heater while she was in the car.

“You and your brother are not cold, but you made your brother cry.” Avery sighed, “didn’t your brother say it was hot in the car?”

Layla: “I didn’t hear him say it was hot! If he said it was hot, we certainly wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter to him.”

“Maybe your brother felt sorry for you when you got wet, so he didn’t say anything.” Avery guessed.

Layla thought differently, “I think my brother dozed off in the car and fell asleep. Then he was woken up by the heat when he got home.”

Avery felt even more distressed for Robert after hearing what Layla said.

But Layla and Hayden didn’t mean to make Robert hot cry, so she couldn’t blame them either.

After washing Layla’s hair and drying it with a hairdryer, Avery went to see Robert.

Robert had already taken a shower and put on refreshing pajamas, and his spirit had returned to normal.

It was the heat rash that could be seen on the skin of the neck.

“Mom, look!” Robert had forgotten the unpleasantness of being hotly crying.

He slept in the car for a while and was now in good spirits. In his hand he held the toy robot that his brother Hayden bought him and showed it to his mother.

“My brother bought it for me. This robot will transform! It’s super cool!” Robert said, picked up the remote control and started to control the robot.

“Robert, wasn’t your father sick before? But he’s getting better soon. Will mom take you to the hospital tomorrow morning to see him?” Avery squatted in front of his son and discussed with him.

“Okay!” Robert raised his head immediately, his eyes were black and clear, “My brother bought me another gift, I’m going to give it to Dad!”

Robert said, and went to the shopping bag on the side of the coffee table, turned over a toy that resembled a flashlight.

“Look Mom!” Robert turned on the flashlight and shot it on the ground.

Suddenly, a cartoon picture appeared on the floor.

This was Robert’s favorite cartoon character.

Robert pressed the switch, and a different picture suddenly appeared on the ground.

This flashlight was a small toy that projects pictures.

Avery could see that Robert liked this toy very much.

Avery: “Robert, keep the toys for yourself. Dad may not have the strength to open your toys now.”

Robert: “Oh okay! My dad is so pitiful.”

“Baby, dad is not pitiful. Let’s go to see him tomorrow, he will definitely very happy.” Avery began to imagine the warm picture when the children saw Elliot tomorrow.

Robert clapped his hands excitedly: “I don’t have to go to school tomorrow?”

Avery couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Baby, you don’t like school so much?”

Robert thought for a while, then nodded: “How fun is it at home!”

Avery: “But there are no children at home to play with you!”

“There are so many toys at home to accompany me. I’m playing, I don’t want children!” Robert’s mouth was shriveled, and he said what was in his heart.

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