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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2223 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2223

She stood stiffly on the spot, her hands clenched into fists, tears fell silently.

Today’s downfall and embarrassment, she would never forget.

If there is still a chance in the future, she will never forget the shame she has endured now!

After a while, the rain fell, pulling Norah from hatred and pain to reality.

Rain was dripping down quickly from her head. Because the house was unoccupied all the year round, and the house was old, it leaked rain.

And there was more than one place where the rain leaked.

Using the dim light, she checked the house, and there were at least ten places leaking rain.

She hurriedly found a water basin and bucket, and hurriedly placed it in the leaky place to collect water.

At this moment, the screen of her mobile phone on the bed lit up, and a message came in.


At the same time, outside a store in the city center.

“Wow! It’s raining so hard! Brother, didn’t we bring umbrellas?” Layla looked at the continuous rain in front of her, and pulled her brother’s jacket with her little hand.

Bodyguard: “There is an umbrella in the car. But there is only one. I will carry Robert to the car first, and then I will pick you up.”

After the bodyguard finished speaking, he took off his jacket and wrapped Robert.

Robert was tightly wrapped, only revealing a pair of big, dark and shiny eyes.

Before he could resist, the bodyguard gave him a ‘whoosh’ and ran towards the parking lot with him in his arms.

“Brother, let’s run over too!” Layla wanted to try the rain.

Mainly because her brother was by my side, she was happier, and she wanted to drag her brother crazy together.

When the time came to get wet, her mother would not just say her.

While Hayden was thinking, Layla had already taken his hand and rushed into the rain!

“Brother! I’m so happy! I’m so happy in the rain! It’s even more fun to be in the rain with my brother!” Layla exclaimed excitedly in the rain.

Hayden was angry and helpless: “Don’t cry if you have a cold tomorrow!”

“What’s the point of crying when I have a cold! Just take medicine when I have a cold! You thought I was a child! I’m all grown up!” Layla didn’t care.

Over in the parking lot, the bodyguard put Robert in the car, checked that he was not wet, and was relieved when he heard Layla’s scream.

The bodyguard took the umbrella and turned his head, seeing Layla and Hayden running in the rain, the expression on his face suddenly turned to stone.

The brothers and sisters ran to the car, and Hayden immediately helped Layla into the car first.

“Didn’t you two wait for me?” The bodyguard looked at them both soaked and their heads were big, “Hayden, Layla is ignorant, why are you letting her come around? If you two go back like this, I’ll be scolded must.”

Layla wiped the rain off her face with a tissue, then handed the tissue box to Hayden.

“My mom isn’t at home. She won’t be back tonight!” Layla still had a smile on her face, “I took my brother to the rain. If mom knows, don’t say it was my brother who took me. It’s raining.”

The bodyguard was speechless and choked: “Let’s go back first! If this happens next time, I’ll understand who to take away first.”

Layla pouted: “Occasionally it’s okay to rain. I don’t get the rain every day. I’m sure I won’t catch a cold…Ah!”

Bodyguard: “…”

The bodyguard immediately turned on the heating in the car to the highest level.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in the front yard of Foster’s house.

Before Layla opened the door, she saw her mother through the window.

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  1. I feel like something big is about to happen…
    I def want to read more about them just being a family. And Im thinking that they really have lost Haze for good and that she might as well appeared back to their life once she is an adult, so sad.

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