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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2221 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2221

Avery was full, clicked on her mobile phone when she was drinking water, and saw this message from Emilio.

She replied: [Do you have Norah’s whereabouts?]

Emilio: [I only know that she is in Aryadelle, but I don’t know where she is hiding. Do you have any news from her?]

Avery: [No. What if you find her?]

Emilio: [With my dad’s temper, he would definitely kill her.]

Avery: [Your father is indeed such a person. Has his new project stopped?]

Emilio: [He is waiting for news from Elliot. He was still delusional, hoping that Elliot would die, so that he could continue his new project.]

Avery: [Can’t your dad afford to lose?]

Emilio: [He has never lost in most of his life. But he can’t afford to lose. I can’t afford to lose either.]

Avery: [It’s not that you can’t lose if you can’t afford to lose.]

Emilio: [I know. If I can’t find Norah this time, my dad won’t give me a penny of property. He said it himself.]

Avery: [If you are worried about your future livelihood, I can help you.]

Emilio: [No. I have hands and I can’t starve.]

After Emilio sent this message to Avery, he took a deep breath and deleted the chat with her.

He found Norah’s number and dialed it.

Not surprisingly, can’t get through.

He only has Norah’s number, and has no friends on her other social accounts.

So he tried to send a message to Norah: [I’m coming to Aryadelle, if you want to survive, let’s meet! If you don’t trust me, we can call first.]

Norah blocked all calls except his parents, but her phone could still receive text messages.

After she saw Emilio’s message, a hope rose in her heart, but this hope soon died out.

Like Travis, she was suspicious by nature, and she didn’t trust Emilio.

She and Emilio were half-sisters and younger brothers. There was no family relationship between them, only competition.

After a while, Emilio sent another message.

The hotel and address where he stayed. Attachment: [The $14 billion that my father was deceived by Elliot has long been taken back. He asked me to come to you, and if I said you were dead and didn’t take you back to Bridgedale, he wouldn’t blame me. Do you want to hide and hide like a mouse all your life, or do you want to solve this problem?]

After Norah read the text several times, she couldn’t resist the temptation, and sent him a message: [I can’t give you any benefit, why do you want to help me?]

Emilio: [Let’s talk on the phone!]

Norah hesitated for a moment and agreed.

After a while, the two of them spoke on the phone.

Emilio: “Norah, I can let you fake death to escape this disaster. But you have to do one thing for me. If you think it’s worthwhile, you can agree. If you think it’s not worthwhile, you can refuse.”

“What’s the matter?” Norah realized. What Emilio asked himself to do was definitely not easy.

After being silent for a few seconds, Emilio replied, “Kill Travis.”

Norah: “…”

Emilio: “You can’t do this on your own. I will send someone to help you. Norah, think about it carefully. Only when Travis dies can you truly be relieved.”

Norah laughed and said sarcastically: “Don’t say it as if you are all for my own good. Only when Travis is dead can you inherit the Jones family’s property! Otherwise, you will always be Travis’s pawn!”

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