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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2218 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2218

After waking up, everything in front of Elliot gradually became clear.

Where was that?

Elliot frowned, breathing hard.

He tried to move his fingers, and the fingers moved. He tried to lift his arm again, but the arm seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, and he couldn’t lift it at all, let alone get out of bed.

He didn’t dare to close his eyes, because thoughts kept popping up, reminding him of what happened before.

He had surgery to take out the device in his brain, he should be dead, but strangely, he felt alive now.

Because the pain in his brain kept pulling on the nerves in his body.

As well as the pictures he saw with his eyes, the sounds of instruments he heard with his ears, and the smell of disinfectant he smelled in his nose, all told him that this was the human world.

It felt so good to be alive. Although he didn’t have the strength to act now, as long as he was still alive, there was still hope –

–hope to recover, hope to see Avery, see children, see friends…

When Elliot found out that he woke up, A nurse immediately went to inform Avery.

Avery cried with joy, with an unreal sense of joy.

“Miss Tate, Mr. Foster is awake, go and have a look!” The nurse urged with a smile.

Avery came back to her senses and quickly followed the nurse to the intensive care unit.

Foster family.

After Hayden brought Layla home, Robert immediately took Layla’s hand and pulled Layla to his side, forming a confrontation with his brother Hayden.

Robert had no relationship with his brother Hayden, and his brother was not so affectionate with him, so he must snatch his sister over.

“Robert, have you called your brother?” Layla picked up Robert and gave it to Hayden, “Call your brother quickly, or you won’t have the gift.”

Robert heard that there was a gift, and didn’t even think about it, so he immediately obeyed. Shouting: “Brother!”

The corner of Hayden’s mouth twitched unnaturally, and he said truthfully: “I didn’t buy you a gift.”

Hayden was so anxious to come back, where would he have time to buy a gift. Although he was free during the day, he made up his sleep at home during the day.

When Robert heard that he had been deceived, he hummed and felt aggrieved.

“Little Younger Brother, why are you crying! After dinner, brother Hayden will take us to buy gift!” Layla coaxed Robert very well. “Now think about what gifts you want, and go for it!”

In this way, Layla got rid of her clingy brother.

“Brother, if you don’t want to pay attention to those good friends of mine, then ignore them. You don’t need to take care of them with my face.” Layla knew that for her brother Hayden, they were childish.

At that time, they wanted to add their brother’s friend. The brother said that he didn’t bring a mobile phone, but they didn’t give up. They took out paper and pens from their schoolbags and took their brother’s number away.

They use children’s watches at school, but they actually have mobile phones when they return home in private.

“Layla, you’re going to junior high school soon, so focus on your studies. Don’t think about messy things all day long.” Hayden didn’t take this matter to heart at all.

Even if those little girls really added his friends, they would be less interested in him before long.

“You always want me to study hard. Even if I study well and get admitted to the best university, what difference will it make when I graduate? After I graduate, I will either invest in entrepreneurship or find a job I like. Even if I don’t go to school, when I’m an adult, I can still do this!” Layla asked.

“It is because you don’t read enough that you are empty-minded and short-sighted, and say such things. Learning knowledge is not only to enable you to work and earn money after graduation, but also to enrich your spiritual level and vision.” Hayden said.

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