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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2217 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2217

Emilio lowered his head and let his father insult: “Dad, now it is basically certain that Norah is in Aryadelle.

“Now that she is sure that she is in Aryadelle, why can’t she be caught? Don’t tell me that Aryadelle is too big… If you and Norah’s identities were swapped, I’m sure Norah would have caught her long ago You!” Travis said in disgust, “Emilio, if you want me to really reuse you and hand over the industry to you, you have to do something! Don’t think you have my blood on your body, and I will give everything to you. You’re dreaming.”

Emilio’s reprimanded breathing became heavier: “Dad, why don’t I go to Aryadelle. Let’s see if I can find her.”

“Didn’t you just say you want to help me clean up the mess? You go to Aryadelle. Who will help me clean up the mess?” Travis has decided to stop the new project, but he is not reconciled, “Wait first. Isn’t Elliot still awake? What if Elliot can’t wake up and dies? If Elliot dies, We can say that Elliot died because he took out the device! This proves the effect of the device even more!”

At this point, Travis became excited.

“Okay, then wait.” Emilio said, “I’ll go to Aryadelle first. This will also make it easier to inquire about Elliot’s news.”

“Okay. You can go now. Emilio, if you can’t do anything well this time, Even if I donate all my property, I will not give you this incompetent waste!” Travis put pressure on his son.


In the evening.

Hayden went to school to pick up Layla from school.

As soon as Layla came out of the school, she saw the tall, thin figure of her brother Hayden.

“Brother!” Layla exclaimed, attracting the attention of the surrounding students and their parents.

Layla didn’t run towards her brother immediately after calling out her brother.

Instead, she introduced Hayden to her good friends: “That’s my brother. Didn’t you say that you didn’t see him clearly in the morning? See him now! Is my brother super handsome? My brother is not only handsome, but also very good at studying!”

All the little girls showed their admiration to Hayden.

“Layla, why is your brother studying abroad?”

“Layla, aren’t you and your brother twins? You two should be the same age! Why are you still in elementary school and your brother has already gone to college?”

“Layla, your brother’s jumping is too fierce!”

Facing the chirping questions from her good friends, Layla felt a little pricked.

“My brother isn’t in college! The middle school he went to is an affiliated school of the university.” Layla blushed in embarrassment, but on second thought, it wasn’t a shame that her brother was better than herself.

Layla walked towards her brother. Several of her good friends also walked over with them.

“Brother, they are my good friends.” Layla introduced her good friends to her brother.

“Brother Hayden, can I add you as a friend?” a girl said, turning on her pink children’s watch.

Immediately following, other girls also opened their children’s watches.

Hayden: “…..”


In the Hospital.

Elliot woke up after a few days of painful coma.

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  1. caro autor… chega de dramas, essa Norah ainda vai virar outra Chelsa??? vai obrigar o Eliot a se casar, ou o Emilio vai obrigar Avery a se casar com ele… e a Hanze??? tem que encontrá-la logo e ter uns capitulos felizes antes de terminar esse livro… mas acelera…

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