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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2214 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2214

Avery sent him a photo in the past: [Your dad can no longer control Elliot and me.]

Emilio opened the photo and glanced at it. After realizing what it was, he immediately asked: [How is Elliot?]

Avery: [He is not dead.]

Emilio: [So the resurrection technique is fake?]

Avery: [Yes.]

Emilio: [I already guessed it. In fact, my dad should have guessed it. It’s just that he wants to use this to make money, and even if he knows, he won’t reveal it.]

Avery: [I know. I won’t let him use this to make money.]

Emilio: [Whatever you want. I do not mind.]

Avery sent Emilio a message, just to inform him.

She doesn’t care what Emilio decides to do later.

After that, they both cleared up.

Avery came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and her daughter was already asleep.

She walked to the bed and touched her daughter’s forehead. As if she didn’t care much, her daughter was already slim, well-behaved and sensible.

She really wanted to press the pause button on life so that she could spend more time with her children.

In a flash, it was dawn.

Mrs. Cooper came to wake up Layla.

Layla suddenly jumped up after rubbing her eyes.

After getting out of bed, she quickly ran back to her room to wash and change clothes.

Avery followed her, and after she changed her clothes, she took a comb and combed her hair.

“Mom, go and get my brother Hayden up. He promised me to take me to school this morning,” Layla begged. “He must still be asleep! He has to take me to school first!”

“Layla, you are so willing to shout Wake up brother?” Avery couldn’t help laughing.

“What’s so unwilling to do? After he took me to school, he can go back to sleep!” Layla took the comb from her mother’s hand, “Mom, hurry up and call my brother!”

Avery turned around and went out.

She came to Hayden’s room, Hayden had already got up, and the quilt was folded.

Avery: “Hayden, Layla said you promised to send her to school today.”

“Well. I can already go out.” Hayden just finished washing up.

Hayden put on his watch and glanced at the time by the way, there is still plenty of time now.

“Then you take her to school, I’ll go to the hospital later.” Avery said, “Hayden, do you want to go to the hospital to see your father?”

“Isn’t he still awake? Let’s talk when he wakes up!” Hayden was not disgusted to visit Elliot, but now that Elliot was in the ICU, it’s really not suitable to meet.

“Okay.” Avery was just testing his son’s reaction, but now that she got his answer, she finally felt relieved.

After watching Hayden and Layla go out, Avery sent Robert to kindergarten.

“Mom, will you not leave in the future?” Robert raised his head and discussed with his mother seriously.

Avery: “Well… even if your mother leaves in the future, it won’t be too long, okay?”

Robert pouted and sighed maturely: “My sister took me to the last sports meeting! It’s not my sister’s baby! I’m your baby!”

Avery’s eyes were sour, looking at her son’s immature face, she was a little funny and very sad.

“Dad doesn’t know where he went!” Robert pouted and muttered unhappily.

Avery: “Robert, your Dad is sick and is in the hospital. When he is healed, he will go home.”

“Oh…that’s it! Then shouldn’t I be mad at my father?” Robert seriously asked his mother.

Avery: “Yes! Don’t be angry with your father.”

“Mom, are you sick too?” Robert continued to ask seriously.

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