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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2211 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2211

Mrs. Cooper was afraid that Robert would be frightened and cried, and immediately went back to the house to see Robert.

After a while, Mrs. Cooper walked out with Robert who was awakened.

Robert pursed his little mouth when he saw his sister hugging his brother.

“Layla, your voice just now almost woke up the living creatures in the entire villa.” Mike looked for a glass of water to drink.

“Uuuuu…Why didn’t you tell us in advance when you came back? No one told me you were coming back tonight before I went to bed!” Layla hugged her brother tightly and complained to Mike.

“We’re in a hurry.” Mike put down the water glass and glanced at the time, “It’s almost 2:00 a.m. Are you going to school tomorrow?”

“I’ll ask for leave tomorrow! My brother finally came back, so I don’t want to go to school!” Layla made a decision without thinking.

Mike teased: “Have you kept up with your academic performance?”

“I want to do well in the exam, I can do it anytime!” Layla puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Layla, go to bed. I’ll take you to school tomorrow.” Hayden released his sister, “I’ll leave after the weekend.”

“Oh… well! You take me to school tomorrow, and I’m going to introduce you to my good friends!” Layla thought that she would be able to show off her brother to her classmates tomorrow, and her mood suddenly took off .

“Brother, it’s very late, let’s go to bed together!” Layla pulled her brother and wanted to take her to her room.

Hayden pulled his sister’s hand away: “Layla, we are not children anymore. We can’t sleep in the same room.”

She thinks there is something wrong with her and her brother sleeping in the same room.

“Layla, look in the mirror, you’re not a little girl anymore.” Mike laughed while watching the play, “Look at your brother again. Although it is impossible for him to fall in love, he is faster than Your mother is tall. You even let him sleep in the same room with you. If it spreads out, people will laugh at him.”

“Humph! I really don’t like growing up!” Layla said.

“Sister!” Robert called out to her sister in a cute voice.

But Layla ignored him and went upstairs.

Seeing that his sister ignored him, Robert stared at Hayden.

“Robert, if you also want to sleep with your brother, that’s absolutely fine! Your brother will definitely not refuse you.” Mike teased the little guy.

“I don’t want to sleep with Brother Smelly! Brother Smelly made my sister angry! Humph!” Robert snorted at Hayden’s face and hugged Mrs. Cooper’s neck tightly.

At this moment, a white light flashed outside the villa.

Mike immediately went to the door and glanced into the yard.

“Avery is back.” Mike was a little surprised. He thought Avery would stay in the hospital until Elliot woke up.

“Mom!” Layla ran downstairs frantically when she saw Avery coming back upstairs.

Robert followed and exclaimed: “Mom!”

Mike shook his head and was dazed by the noise.

“It is estimated that Elliot’s situation is not serious.” Mike walked over to Hayden and whispered to him, “I’m sleepy, I’ll go first.”

“You go!” Hayden looked indifferent.

“Oh, you live with your father, don’t you feel awkward?” Mike didn’t forget to joke before he left, “You also saw your mother’s feelings for your father. Of course, your father doesn’t have to pick on your mother. You still Let go of the hatred!”

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  1. @Naijdate thank you for translating. Please add more chapters today. We need more than 6 chapters a day and especially on the weekends. Please and thank you

  2. When will Mike stop sowing discord between Hayden and his father? He really takes pleasure in Hayden’s hatred for his father.

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