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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2209 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2209

Avery’s body shivered slightly, she couldn’t say anything else now.

“I’ll go back to Aryadelle right away.” Avery wanted to go back right away.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Wesley said.

After hanging up, Avery was helped by Mike to sit on the sofa.

“You want to go home now, right? I’ll book a ticket for you. You sit down and calm down. I see your face is pale.” Mike said.

“I’ll book a ticket!” Hayden said, “If there is no suitable flight tonight, Then charter a plane to go back.”

“Okay.” Mike knew that Avery wanted to go back to Elliot immediately regardless of the cost.

Twelve hours later, they arrived in Aryadelle together.

After coming out of the airport, the bodyguards took them to the hospital immediately.

It was late at night in Aryadelle now.

Wesley and Shea are both in the hospital.

“Avery, brother Ellot’s condition is relatively stable now.” Wesley told Avery about Elliot’s situation.

But Avery no longer believed Wesley so much. Besides, she really wanted to see Elliot with her own eyes.

“Take Shea back to rest! I know you were forced to hide it from me, and I don’t blame you.” Avery knew how embarrassing Wesley was in the middle, “Even if he leaves me because of this, I will not blame you.”

“Avery, I’m sorry.” Wesley knew that Avery’s heart was hurting now.

Not only because Wesley was hiding from her, but also because Elliot made such a decision.

“Wesley, I’m sorry for Avery.” Shea grabbed Wesley’s big hand, not wanting to see him humbly, “I asked Wesley to help my brother. My brother was in too much pain.”

“Shea, I don’t blame you. You and Wesley are both very kind people. Even if I do, I will only blame your brother.” Avery’s mood calmed down a little, “Did Wesley not rest for a few days? Shea, take him back! I’m watching over the hospital, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Avery, thank you for not blaming Wesley. But can you also not blame my brother?” Shea held Avery’s arm pleaded softly, “Brother is really in pain. If he wakes up, you blame him, how sad he will be!”

Avery: “Shea, you don’t have to worry. Even if I blame him, I won’t talk to him again. He’s separated.”

“When my brother wakes up, you’ll marry him again, right?” Shea was looking forward to it.

Avery: “Yes. I will marry him.”

Shea: “Can you stop getting divorced?”

“Not leaving. In the future, the only thing that can separate us is death.” Avery said this, her eyes were flushed, and tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes.

For the lost youth, for the ups and downs that their immature behaviors brought to their relationship, and for Elliot, who was now lying in the ICU.

Shea said several times that Elliot was in pain.

Shea could still take his pain to heart, but after Elliot’s accident, she had been selectively ignoring his feelings.

She put his life first, not his feelings.

Elliot would definitely prefer her to respect his wishes like Shea, rather than forcing him to live.

“Avery, don’t cry.” Shea hugged her and patted her back with her palm, her voice soft as the wind, “My brother will wake up. The doctor said he was just too tired, so he didn’t Wake up. When he sleeps enough, he will definitely wake up.”

“Well.” Avery wanted to hold back her tears, but she couldn’t.

It was probably because she had been working too hard during this period of time, and now she can finally put down her disguise and let herself cry happily.

“Wesley, take Shea back to rest first!” Mike said to Wesley.

Avery let go and said to Mike, “Mike, you and Hayden also go back. I’ll stay in the hospital.”

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