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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2206 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2206

After Maggie heard what her mother said, it was as if an electric current hit directly.

“Where is Eric?” Ian stared at the front of the stage, unable to see him at all.

“On the stage! The one who sang on the stage…that’s Eric Santos!” Maxine could not wait to fly from the screen to the scene.

“Mom, where is Eric on the stage! The one on the stage is Eric Santos, the big star!”

“Eric Santos is Eric, both names belong to one guy. My God! I said the last time I saw this guy, Why is he so familiar! It turns out that he is the big star Eric Santos!” After Maxine said this, her blood pressure rushed up, “No, no, no! I’m so dizzy…I Gotta lie down for a while…”

The video hung up.

Ian and Maggie looked at each other in shock.

Ian: “Sister, what’s going on?!”

“How do I know what’s going on! Isn’t it that guy you went to see?” Maggie also fainted.

“Yes! that guy I saw was the fat guy! I was playing games with him just now! It’s not Eric at all! If Eric Santos was Eric, would I not know?” Ian Having said that, the dynamic music on the stage stopped abruptly.

on the stage, after Eric Santos finished one song, another singer walked up to the stage and put his arm around his shoulder.

“I just found out that my good friend Eric Santos also came to the scene. So I specially invited him to sing this song for everyone! Are you happy?!” After the singer finished speaking, she raised the microphone and faced the audience.

“Happy!” Under the stage, the voices were full of people.

“Eric Santos, why didn’t you come over and tell me in advance? Who did you come with today?” The singer chatted with Eric in front of everyone.

“Uh…I came with my assistant.” Eric said suddenly, “But there are too many people here, and my assistant is gone.”

“Boss, I’m here!” Off the stage, Frank turned towards The stage waved violently.

Not far away, Ian was stunned. His little brother turned out to be Eric’s assistant!

“Sister, Eric’s assistant is the Frank I saw!” Ian took his sister’s arm and spoke excitedly.

Maggie’s cell phone rang again, and it was her mother’s call.

Maggie picked up the phone.

“Maggie, I just called Eric’s mother and asked Eric’s full name… Eric’s mother told me that Eric Santos is Eric! Ah, ah, ah! Maggie! Ahhh! I think I might be going crazy!” Maxine’s cry made Maggie realize how absurd the whole thing was.

On the last blind date, she asked her brother to come forward, and Eric asked her assistant to come forward, so they never actually met.

“Sister, your blind date is Eric Santos?” Ian laughed when she heard what her mother said just now, “If I tell this story, others will think that I’m mad. How could our family be possible? Have something to do with a big star like Eric Santos?”

“Eric Santos, I can’t be with him.”

“I know. No matter how awesome Eric Santos is, it’s no use if you don’t like it.”

“No… People don’t look down on me at all.” Maggie patted her brother’s head awkwardly, “How could I not like Eric Santos? No one in this world would dislike him, right? Let’s go home! Don’t daydream “

Sister! Are you inferior?” Ian looked at the uncomfortable expression on his sister’s face and teased, “I haven’t seen you feel inferior before!”

Maggie: “You stinky boy! Stop making fun of me! If you let you Go on a blind date with Hepburn, do you feel inferior?”

Ian: “I…I don’t have low self-esteem! If what you said is true, I’d be happy to die!”

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