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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2201 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2201

Chad: “You shut up.”

Mike: “Okay! I won’t talk about him! Tonight we take Hayden to the music festival. “

Chad: “Yes! It’s more fun to go to that kind of place with more people.”

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Avery returned home to change clothes.

“Avery, I have your package.” The nanny told Avery about it immediately when she saw her coming back.

Avery responded, but didn’t go to get the package.

After she changed her clothes and groomed herself, she hurried to the music festival.

“It’s a package from Aryadelle.” Seeing that Avery didn’t respond, the nanny added, “Mike wanted to open it in the morning, but I stopped him.”

Avery smiled: “Thank you! I really like to unpack my package.”

The nanny: “I don’t think it’s good.”

“Yeah. This habit is really bad. But I know him well, so even if he unpacks my package, I won’t be angry.” Avery said and went to the bedroom.

Nanny: “I won’t let Mike see your package, you won’t be angry?”

“Of course not.” Avery said, “You did a good job.”

“That’s good.” The nanny asked, “I stewed it. Soup, do you want a bowl of soup?”

Avery: “No. I’m going out after changing clothes. Mike and Hayden shouldn’t be at home tonight, so you can rest after dinner.”

The Nanny: “Okay. “

After Avery changed her clothes, she went out with her bodyguard.

At the same moment –

Eric and his assistant got into the car and headed for the music festival.

Maggie rode an electric car with her younger brother Ian on the way to the music festival.

Calvin walked to the door to change his shoes, and his wife told him to be careful in everything, and don’t be caught by Travis’s people.

Mike took Chad to Hayden’s school, picked up Hayden, and drove to the music festival.

five groups of people, rushing towards the same destination.

At the music festival scene, the crowd was surging, and the sound of music and all kinds of loud noises mixed together.

People who were accustomed to quietness come there and feel their eardrums vibrating.

Avery was not used to the overly lively atmosphere there.

So after she and her bodyguards arrived, they immediately started looking for Calvin in the crowd.

The bodyguards looked around, looking for Calvin as well as Travis’s bodyguard.

It’s a pity that they hadn’t met each other and only had photos of each other, so it’s a bit difficult to find them.

“Let’s find them separately!” Avery said, “After you find someone, use your mobile phone to contact them.”

At the same time, Eric and his assistant, Maggie and Ian were scattered by the crowd.

As soon as Calvin arrived at the scene, his head started to feel dizzy.

He noticed that the bodyguards Travis sent to stare at him had their eyes on the stage in front of him, so he immediately slipped aside and called Avery.

11 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2201 By Naijdate.Com”

    1. I completely agree with you. The plot is so childish. How can Wesley not tell Avery about the package? What kind of friend is he? Everyone keeping secrets….ugh!

  1. Why is it that they always messed up when it comes to very important matter,can’t she took 1 minute off her time to open the package??

  2. I understand she didnt open it because she is is in a hurry to go to the music festival to meet Calvin bc meeting him is important in her heart to help Elliot.

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