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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2200 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2200

Mike heard the movement and came out of the room.

Seeing the package in the nanny’s hand, Mike immediately asked, “What is this?”

“It’s Avery’s courier.” The nanny put the package on the cabinet at the entrance of the hallway.

“Oh, she shouldn’t have time to shop online these days.” Mike was very curious, so he walked to the entrance and took a look at the package. “Huh? This is a package from Aryadelle.”

The nanny looked at Mike and seemed to want to open it. After opening the package, she reminded him: “This is Avery’s privacy. When she comes back, let her unpack it by herself.”

The nanny was from Bridgedale, and people from Bridgedale paid more attention to personal privacy. So even though she knew that Avery had a good relationship with Mike, she still felt that it was wrong to do so.

Mike put down the package embarrassedly: “Well, I don’t look at it. I won’t open it without Avery’s permission.”

“Well. If someone opens your package without your knowledge, you’ll be unhappy too.” said the nanny.

Mike laughed: “It depends on who unpacks my package. If Avery and her children unpack my package, I won’t be unhappy! They unpack my things as they please.”

The expression on the nanny’s face was stiff. After a few seconds of silence, she replied, “But Avery is not you.”

“You are very welcome.” Mike scratched his head.

The nanny: “What I said is the truth.”

“Well, you think it’s the truth, right? Do you still have breakfast?” Mike rubbed his stomach, hungry, “I’ve been eating a lot of dinner lately, why every morning? Will I wake up hungry?”

The nanny went to the kitchen to serve him breakfast: “In winter, you appetite is generally better than in summer.”

“I thought your cooking skills were getting better and better!” Mike laughed and joked with the nanny.

The nanny blushed: “It just so happens that Avery has no appetite recently, and she has to throw out a lot of the meals she cooks every day. Then you should eat more in the future. Don’t waste it.”

After that, the nanny went to bring him a large bowl of noodles.

Mike looked at the sandwiches, milk, steamed sweet potatoes, eggs, and a large bowl of noodles in front of him, and the smile on his face froze.

“I can’t eat this much. But I can take it away.” Mike pushed aside the sandwiches, eggs, and steamed sweet potatoes. “You help me pack these.”

The nanny: “Who are you going to take?”

Mike: “My friend. He was on a business trip in Bridgedale recently.”

The nanny: “Oh, Chad, right?”

Mike: “Yeah! You remember his name, it’s really good.”

“Chad is handsome and polite, I-I like him very much.” For this reason, the nanny gave Chad an extra egg.

At 9:40 a.m., Mike came to Tate Industries Bridgedale branch with breakfast.

Chad had a good breakfast in the morning, but received a call from Mike, who told him not to eat, and said he would bring him breakfast.

So Chad stopped after eating half of his breakfast and waited for him to deliver it.

“Is there something wrong with you? I don’t waste what you eat, but mine is wasted!” Chad opened the lunch box, saw that it was full, and then glanced at the time, “If I finish eating this, I don’t need to eat it at noon today.”

“Then I won’t eat it at noon! Let’s have a big dinner in the evening, it’s a treat for you!” Mike knew that Chad had already dealt with the Tate Industries’s affairs.

“What’s the matter? I can’t get through to my boss on the phone, and he didn’t reply when I sent him a message. I want to go back to Aryadelle, and without his order, I wouldn’t dare to go back rashly.” Chad smashed the eggshell, Peel the skin and shove it into his mouth.

“Don’t choke.” Mike took a bottle of water, twisted it open, and put it in front of him, “I asked Avery, Elliot was in the hospital recently, and he didn’t bring a cell phone at all. You can only call Wesley. Contact him.”

“I don’t believe he doesn’t play with his cell phone at all. Even if he doesn’t play with his cell phone, doesn’t he use a computer? Doesn’t it mean that he is fine now and has nothing to do?” Chad boasted that he knew Elliot very well.

Elliot was a person who couldn’t be idle. If his health was not serious, he would definitely work.

“He’s not the same as before. You can’t look at him with the way you used to think. He now even owns his own life in the hands of others. Don’t ask him about your work. Go ask Ben Schaffer, or your company’s Vice President.”

“I don’t like hearing you say that.” Chad glared at MIke, “If you can’t speak, don’t speak.”

Mike: “You said you’re not too young, why are you escaping from reality?”

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