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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2199 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2199

Wesley saved those pictures that time and sent all to Avery.

Not long after, Avery received photos of Elliot from Wesley.

Avery enlarged a photo to see Elliot’s face.

He was lying on the hospital bed, holding a thick book in his hand, and was concentrating on reading.

Looking at the photo, Avery couldn’t help but raise the corner of her mouth.

It’s her being over-hearted.

Elliot is now in such a meditative state in the hospital, which is the most ideal state.

“Avery, I’m going to the music festival with Chad tomorrow, are you going?” Mike knocked on her door, holding the tickets for the music festival in his hand, “I bought tickets for you and Hayden. Do you want to take Hayden to relax? What about your mood?”

Mike wasn’t sure if Avery would go.

After Elliot’s accident, Avery gave up all rest time and entertainment, and spent all day studying how to rescue Elliot.

Mike wanted her to relax.

“What a coincidence? I’m going there tomorrow night. I already have tickets. But I can’t take Hayden there.” Avery was in a good mood, “I’ll take Hayden next time.”

“Oh… ..who are you dating? Eric?” Mike guessed.

“No. But Eric is going there tomorrow. Maybe we can all meet!” Avery said, She was afraid that Mike would make a fuss about himself tomorrow, so she told him in advance, “You will see me tomorrow night. If I didn’t say hello to you, don’t say hello to me either, I’m going to meet the people from Margaret’s original team tomorrow night.”

“Understood. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your good deeds. If you need my help at that time, you just need to shout my name, and I will definitely save you immediately.” Mike said.

“I won’t call you. I’ll take the bodyguards tomorrow.” Avery thought about it and said, “Did you ask Hayden if he wants to go? If Hayden wants to go, you can take him with you tomorrow!”

“Isn’t he going to see you or not? If you want to go, he will accompany you, if you don’t go, he won’t go either.” Mike asked Hayden.

Hayden’s answer was this.

“Oh…then take him with you! If I go well, the chat should be over soon. I’ll go to you then.” Avery said after thinking for a while.


The next day.

Avery woke up early because she was thinking about the music festival at night.

After waking up, she turned on her phone, looked at Elliot’s photo, and was instantly full of motivation.

At this point, Layla and Robert just finished school, so she dialed Layla’s number and wanted to make a video with her daughter.

The video dialed over, and soon, Layla took it.

“Mom!” Layla’s voice came clear, “Mom, did you call Dad? I haven’t seen Dad for a few days, and Uncle Wesley didn’t let us go to the hospital to see Dad. I’m so angry!”

“Layla, your father is resting in the hospital now. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be long before your father will be fine.” Avery coaxed, “Will your mother go back to see you in a few days?”

“Okay! Mom, I miss you so much! If you don’t come back to see my brother and me, I can’t help but want to go to Bridgedale to find you! I know that Uncle Eric has also gone to Bridgedale.”

Avery: “Well, don’t worry, Mom wants you to go to school well. Mom will definitely go back to see you.”

After soothing her daughter, Avery put down her phone, picked up a rubber band from the bedside table, tied her long hair up, and got out of bed.

At 7:30 in the morning, she finished her breakfast and went out.

At 9 o’clock, a postman delivered a package to the door of the villa.

After the nanny signed for the package, she took the package back to the living room.

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