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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2198 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2198

“Wesley, I don’t think we need to be too pessimistic.” The chief surgeon went back to sleep after the operation and woke up. Immediately came to the hospital and saw Wesley standing outside the intensive care unit, so he comforted him.

“Well. I’m not as pessimistic now. Before the operation, I really felt like the sky was falling.” Wesley hasn’t slept a lot for 24 hours.

Before Elliot started the operation, he had been insomnia and couldn’t sleep.

The chief surgeon: “Hahaha, although I fell asleep, I had a very long nightmare. I dreamed that Elliot died, and then Avery ran back to seek revenge for us. The two of us fled and fled all the way, embarrassed and nervous. Finally, we The two fell off the cliff together, and then I woke up.”

Wesley: “Your dream is indeed a little scary.”

The chief surgeon: “I have never had such a terrible dream in my life. It is not the first time to die in a dream, nor is it It’s the first time I’ve been chased by someone, but it feels especially scary to be chased by Avery.”

Wesley was about to speak when his cell phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone and saw Avery’s name.

“You pick it up! I’ll go check on Elliot’s condition.” After the chief surgeon said, he strode away.

Wesley answered the phone, and Avery’s voice came immediately.

“Brother Wesly, how is Elliot today? Can I make a video call with him?” Avery hadn’t contacted Elliot for a few days, and missed Elliot especially.

Wesley said that he kept his mobile phone at home and did not take it to the hospital.

Therefore, Avery could only learn about Elliot’s situation through Wesley.

Avery trusted Wesley very much, so she never suspected that there was anything unusual about Elliot’s current situation.

“Avery, I…” Wesley especially wanted to confess to Avery.

–Because now Elliot’s surgery has been done.

–The device in his mind has been taken out, cleaned up, packed, and sent to Bridgedale by mail.

–Elliot said that after the device was taken out, Avery would do research.

–Because it is an international express, after the express has been sent, it has not yet arrived at Avery’s side.

–However, after estimating the time, it is estimated that it is coming soon.

Thinking of this, Wesley held back his words.

“Brother Wesley, what’s the matter with you?” Avery saw that Wesley was hesitating to speak, so she asked, “Is Elliot all right? He keeps his mobile phone at home, why don’t the driver and bodyguard send the mobile to him? Can’t he play with his mobile phone now? “

Wesley: “No. Of course he can play with his mobile phone, but he just wants to meditate. What happened last time actually hit him a lot. I hope you can understand. How is the research over there?”

“There is no progress. Because none of them have contacted this kind of device. But I have contacted the people in Margaret’s previous team. I can see him tomorrow. Brother Wesley, please, please, Take good care of Elliot, I have a hunch that I will soon know the secret of this device.”

Wesley’s nose twitched.

The day after tomorrow at the latest, the device should be in Avery’s hands.

Even if Avery doesn’t find anyone, she will know the secret of the device at that time.

“Yeah.” Wesley responded.

“Brother Wesley, is Shea okay?” Avery asked with concern.

Wesley: “She’s okay. You don’t have to worry about her.”

“Okay.” Avery breathed a sigh of relief, “Can’t you really let me see Elliot?”

“I’ll send you a picture of him later.” Wesley said.

“Okay! It’s good to have pictures.” Avery was satisfied.

Wesley took some pictures of Elliot before Elliot’s surgery.

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