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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2194 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2194

“That’s what I said, but there is still a big risk.” The doctor frowned, “If it wasn’t for Wesley looking for me, I really don’t want to do such a thing. Obviously, Miss Tate can perform this operation on you.”

When Elliot heard Avery’s name, the peace on his face disappeared.

“Since you promised Wesley, the risk will naturally be borne by Wesley.” Elliot said, and glanced at Wesley, “After I die, Avery will work hard for you.”

Wesley was in a bad mood. After listening to his words, the mood was even worse.

“I will bear all the follow-up responsibilities. You can rest assured.” Wesley assured the doctor.

The doctor: “Hey! Wesley, why do you have to do this? It’s really a thankless loss! If your father knew about it, he would definitely…”

“Don’t talk about it. I can’t help it either.” Wesley thought to himself Suffering, who knows?

Shea was just outside the door of the ward. If Wesley didn’t listen to Shea, the future would be even more difficult.

“I know. Hey! Let’s do the surgery today! Let’s take a CT scan and I’ll see the film!” Elliot said, got off the bed immediately, very cooperative.

Seeing his quick action, the doctor was stunned for a moment: “Mr. Foster, you’re doing well now, isn’t it bad to live like this?”

Elliot’s expression didn’t change: “Go get a CT scan!”

The doctor: “Okay! But I suggest You’d better think about it before the surgery…”

Elliot: “If I haven’t figured it out, I won’t let Wesley find someone to operate on me.”

Doctor: “Okay! Mr. Foster, you are really not afraid of death!”

Elliot: “For a healthy person Said, living is a kind of enjoyment. For a person like me, living is only painful.”

Doctor: “Hey! I won’t advise you. You are such a smart person, why do you need others to help you make decisions.”

Elliot said with After the doctor left, Wesley walked up to Shea.

Shea’s mood was very low. Although she didn’t cry or make trouble, she was completely out of spirits.

“Shea, sit down for a while!” Wesley took her hand and walked to the bench next to him to sit down, “This is your brother’s own decision. He will never be in pain again, this is also a relief. “

Layla and the others will have no father in the future. Avery will also have no husband.” Shea lowered her head and said in frustration, “I don’t have a brother anymore.”

Wesley: “Have you ever thought that in order to save Robert, you Almost died, and they thought they lost you forever. They are in the same pain as you are now, but their lives go on… Shea, you can be like them too.”

“Wesley!” Shea raised her head and looked at his face, “If my brother dies, I will never be happy again. If I will never be happy again in life, it’s better to die…”

“If you die, I will never be happy again.” What about Maria?” Wesley choked, “Shea, our daughter will be three years old soon, how cute she is! Don’t you love her?”

“I love her.” Shea said firmly, “I love you too and also I love my brother too.”

“Don’t think too much about it. Your brother won’t necessarily die. Don’t be so sad first, okay?” Wesley took her into his arms, “Avery called me last night and asked me about your brother’s condition. I said he was going to be hospitalized and was being examined in the hospital. Do you know how happy Avery was? She pulled me and chatted for a while, and she said that no one in her team believed that your brother would die without that device… The people in Avery’s team are all very powerful people in the medical field, let’s bet that their guess is true.”

Shea digested what Wesley said and nodded.



Avery checked Calvin’s information in the past two days and found that he was born in a medical family.

His father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather were all doctors.

And his great-grandfather once had a lot of achievements.

After checking Calvin’s information, Avery came up with the idea of ​​finding him again.

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