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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2193 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2193

After returning to the room, Maggie sent a message to Eric in a gloomy mood: [I heard that you met my mother today, my mother praised you for being handsome. Forgive my clumsiness, I really don’t see where you have anything to do with handsome.]

Eric heard the news reminder, so he hung up the video call.

Seeing the message from Maggie, he let out a cold drink in his throat. His fingers quickly jumped on the screen, and replied: [My mother said that she had a videocall with you just now, saying that you are a true woman. The proof is that you don’t have an Adam’s apple. Can you do magic? The last time we met, your Adam’s apple was bigger than an egg!]

Maggie: [If I don’t have an Adam’s apple, you’re going to have s-e-x with me?]

Eric: [You think too much!]

Maggie: [That’s it! You don’t care if I have an Adam’s apple or not. You quickly make it clear to your mother that you don’t like me anymore. I’m still young, I don’t want to fall in love, and I don’t want to get married.]

Eric: [If I could control my mother, would I come to you on a blind date? You are so powerful, why didn’t you tell your mother clearly? Your mother took the initiative to ask me out, and then took the initiative to make a videocall for my mother, aren’t you more active?]

Maggie: [My mother has high blood pressure!]

Eric: [My mother has depression!]

Maggie: [? ? ?]

Eric: [? ? ? ? ? ?]

Maggie: [Is your mother really depressed?]

Eric: [Do you think I will curse my mother?]

His mother suffered from depression when he was seriously ill.

Maggie: [Alright! Seeing how beautiful your aunt is and how good-looking she is when she smiles, I really don’t see your mother suffering from depression.]

Eric: [Your mother is in good spirits and high spirits, and you can’t tell that she has high blood pressure.]

Maggie: [Eric, there is no point in arguing, can you find a way to solve the problem?]

After being silent for a while, Eric replied: [See you again! I’m going to slap your Adam’s apple to my mom!]

This will make his mother die. He believed that his mother would not force him to find a man.

Seeing his news, Maggie was silent for a while, and then replied: [Even if I don’t have an Adam’s apple, you have to find a way to make your mother give up on me!]

Eric: [When the time comes to meet, then act accordingly!]

Maggie: [When will we meet?]

Eric: [The day after tomorrow. That’s when we’ll get it all sorted out!]

Maggie: [You better do what you say!]



8:00 a.m.

Wesley took the doctor he found and met with Elliot.

The doctor looked at Elliot with a heavy face and asked, “Mr. Foster, have you really thought about it?”

Elliot: “Yeah. Let’s do the surgery today!”

“I don’t have any problems here, I’m just afraid…” The doctor was very embarrassed.

If he performed surgery on Elliot and Elliot died, would Avery and Elliot’s men treat him as a murderer?

“I have written my last words. Everything is of my own free will, and it has nothing to do with you.” Elliot saw the doctor’s concerns, so he spoke to dispel his concerns.

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