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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2188 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2188

After making a unilateral decision, the Maggie’s mother hung up the phone.

Eric looked incredible.

Maggie’s mother was too strong.

She didn’t even listen to whether Eric was willing or not, so she forced him to meet like this, is it really okay?

Because Maxine hung up the phone, the call became with his mother.

Eric’s mother: “Eric? Why didn’t you speak?”

“Mom, a call came in just now.” Eric explained.

“Oh…Maggie’s mother called you, right?!” Eric’s mother guessed, and was a little excited, “What did Maggie’s mother say to you? Did you ask to meet her? Eric, if someone asks you to meet, you should clean up and go see someone.”

“Mom…you really don’t worry that I won’t be able to have a blind date, and others will break my story online?” Eric didn’t want to. Because of the hot search in private life.

Eric’s mother: “If the blind date doesn’t work, you won’t suffer if it spreads out. Your fans will definitely think that Maggie is wrong, and they will definitely protect you!”

“Okay mom, don’t talk about it, I’ll go and this is the last time. In the future, don’t arrange any blind dates for me. You force me to do this kind of thing, the first time it works, the second time it doesn’t work.” Eric and his mother had a candid showdown.

Eric’s mother: “Eric, in all fairness, did your mother force you to see a beautiful girl before? In this world, not just a beautiful girl can make your mother feel good.”

Eric wanted to say, ‘he is a man’, but he thought that his mother would not believe him, so he gave up.

After talking on the phone, Eric called his assistant, Frank.

Eric: “Frank, what should I do?”

Frank: “Boss, I can’t help you this time. They are elders after all. And I have seen her photos. Women of this age are particularly difficult to fool.”

Eric raised his eyebrows: “Do you mean to let me go in person?”

“If you don’t go in person, when your aunt sees you and finds that you and the photo are not the same person at all, do you think she will call your mother right away? If she take a picture of me and send it to your aunt, who sees me going on a blind date instead of you, what do you think aunt will react?” When Frank said this, he saw that Eric’s face had turned blue.

“Boss, you want to be open. You are going to see the boy’s mother, not the boy. When you see the boy’s mother, you can say that it is impossible for you and her son, and let the family give up! You won’t have to see their family again in the future.” Frank gave Eric psychological construction and gave ideas.

Eric nodded: “I have to make it clear today. This incident has seriously affected my life. I’m not happy even taking vacations.”

Frank: “Mmmm! Boss, if you don’t want your aunt to recognize you, I can ask a makeup artist to give you a little makeover.”

Eric: “How to make it?”

Frank touched his chin with a wicked smile: “If you don’t want to be missed by their family, it’s safer to make you ugly.”


10:00 a.m.

Maxine found a cafe in the city center and sat down, and then began to wait for Eric.

She only knew that the boy she wanted to meet was Eric, and her voice was low and magnetic, and she was particularly recognizable.

She seemed to have heard his voice somewhere.

At this time, a melody sounded in the coffee shop, followed by a low, magnetic, and particularly recognizable male voice.

Maxine was stunned for a moment as if she had been electrocuted.

No wonder when she heard Eric’s voice, she immediately decided in her heart that Eric must be a handsome guy. It turns out that his voice is somewhat similar to that of this well-known male artist!

An hour later, Eric came to the cafe.

Eric was wearing a black baseball uniform with a pair of washed-white jeans underneath, a pair of dirty shoes on his feet, a baseball cap that covered half of his face, and a mask on his face.

At first glance, Maxine couldn’t see Eric’s face at all.

After Eric entered the cafe, he saw a lady sitting by the window at a glance.

The reason why it was so recognizable was because of this point, there was only one lady on the first floor of the cafe.

He walked to the lady and stopped: “Hello aunt, are you Maggie’s mother?”

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  1. Who cares about Eric. We want Elliott and Avery they are the ones this love story is supposed to be about and you’ve completely forgotten about them writers get back on track with Elliott and Avery they are the only reason we started reading this book. You stupid buffoons.

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