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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2186 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2186

After Calvin left, Maggie came out of the room.

Maggie: “Mom, what are you arguing with Dad!”

“Do you know Avery? Avery wanted to pay ten times the price to dig your dad. Now I feel that your dad will full of money!” Maxine sighed.

“I told you not to force my dad to sign with Travis! Now such a good opportunity can only be missed.” Although Maggie had never met Avery, she searched for Avery’s information on the Internet.

Avery was not only beautiful, but also had outstanding ability, and was recognized as a beautiful genius in the medical field.

If Maggie was allowed to choose, she would definitely hope that her dad would be on Avery’s side.

“Aren’t you an afterthought? Who could have predicted that Avery would find your father today? Besides, if your father hadn’t signed a contract with Travis, maybe Avery would not have come to your father!” Maxine said stubbornly.

“By the way, your aunt called your father early this morning to tell you about your blind date.” Maxine sat down at the dining table and looked at her daughter seriously, “Your aunt said that your blind date is rich.”

Maggie looked surprised: “Why did my aunt say this all of a sudden?”

“Your aunt said that the other parent liked you very much. They were afraid that you would not go on a blind date with their son, so they said that the family is rich.” Maxine couldn’t see Maggie’s blind date. After all, a small anchor with an unstable job, even if the occasional high income was not attractive.

But if the other person’s family was rich, it’s different.

“How rich are you?” Maggie pretended to be curious and asked casually.

Maxine: “It is said that if the two of you are married, you can choose the house in Aryadelle and Bridgedale. They will buy it.”

Maggie was slightly shocked: “His family is so rich?”

“Listen to your aunt’s tone, It should be very rich. The important thing is that the other party’s parents like you. If you marry him in the future, there will be no problem with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.” Maxine can’t wait to see her daughter get married now, “Have you met that person? What are you? How do you feel? Tell me.”

Maggie: “Mom, I haven’t graduated yet. The marriage is a big matter. I plan to talk about it after graduation. I will call my aunt and ask her to reject Eric’s parents proposal.”

“Oh, it looks like you’ve seen it, but didn’t like it.” Maxine regretted, “I’m not the same person, I can’t talk about it!”

Maggie: “No. It’s mainly because of his appearance…”

“Men can’t just look at their faces. It depends on his ability.” Maxine decided to see the blind date with her daughter for the sake of the other party’s wealth.

“Mom, it’s fine if you torture Dad, why do you care about me?” Of course Maggie wouldn’t take her mother to see Eric Santos.

Because of this, the fact that Maggie asked her younger brother, Ian to replace her on a blind date was exposed.

“What is torture? Your father doesn’t think I’m torturing him! I’m all for the good of our family!” Maxine got angry, “It’s rare that your aunt introduced you such a rich person. I may never meet such a high-quality object again.”

Maggie: “Yesterday you said that my aunt was old and fainted…”

Maxine: “You little rascal, don’t talk about this kind of thing outside!”

“Mom, I have class today, so I don’t have time to take you to meet my blind date. And I had a showdown with him yesterday, so don’t worry about other people’s money anymore.” After Maggie finished speaking, she immediately took a piece of bread and quickly Leave the restaurant.

After Maggie left, Maxine felt a lump in her heart.

Maggie is so beautiful, as long as she has a better attitude towards Eric, Eric will definitely be fascinated by her daughter.

Thinking of this, Maxine called Maggie’s aunt and asked for Eric’s contact information.

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