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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2183 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2183

Seeing the crystal tears falling from the corners of Shea’s eyes, Elliot raised his hand and wiped her tears with his fingers.

Elliot: “If I don’t take it out, I’ll be in pain. Shea, you definitely don’t want to see me in such pain, right?”

Shea nodded sharply.

Elliot: “If there is another way, I will definitely try. But there is no way at all. I don’t want to drag Avery. She has worked hard enough, and now she is busy day and night for her business, and has no time to rest. Shea, if you were me, you would also feel bad, right?”

Shea nodded again.

Elliot: “When Robert was born, he suffered from a special blood disease. You donated blood to Robert without telling everyone the truth. Even if you were to die, you were never afraid. Shea, you are not afraid of death, how could I be afraid? “

Elliot said this, Shea’s tears fell like a broken thread.

About an hour later, Wesley bought breakfast and brought it.

Shea saw Wesley, and immediately took Wesley’s hand and walked out.

“Shea, your eyes are red. Did you cry? What are you crying for? Your brother is awake!” Wesley looked at Shea’s red eyes and touched her head.

“Help my brother get the things out of his head.” Shea lowered her head and ordered Wesley.

The gentleness on Wesley’s face suddenly disappeared.

Wesley: “Elliot asked you to tell me that?”

“My brother said he was in pain. He doesn’t want to be in such pain anymore.” Shea rested her head on Wesley’s shoulder, choking in pain, “I don’t want to see my brother in such pain. He never begged me… This is the first time he begged me for help. Wesley, I don’t know how to reject him… If I reject him, he will definitely be sad.”

Wesley Tears glistened in his eyes.

If he listened to Shea and helped Elliot take the device out of his head, causing Elliot to die, then Avery would definitely hate him.

But if he doesn’t listen to Shea, with Shea’s temper, he will definitely be angry with him.

From the time he knew Shea until now, he never dared to make Shea angry.

So the two of them have always been in harmony.

About half an hour later, Wesley entered the ward alone and talked to Elliot.

Elliot had already eaten breakfast and was leaning on the bedside and closing his eyes.

Hearing footsteps, Elliot opened his eyes.

“Elliot, why did you say that to Shea? Do you really want to live?” Wesley walked to the hospital bed and looked down at him.

Elliot’s face was cool and calm: “I have already figured it out.”

“What do you know?! You are trying to hide from Avery to die! If Avery found out, how sad would she be?”

“Don’t take it She is here to scare me. Wesley, let me watch Avery being threatened because of me, making me a burden to Avery, and I am even more sad! If I had died in Yonroeville, then during this time I earned it all. I have nothing to regret.” Elliot made up his mind, “I hope you will always remember clearly that you are Shea’s husband, not Avery’s. Who should you listen to without my teaching?”

Seeing that Wesley could not persuade him, a sadness rose in his heart.

“Your surgery is too complicated, I won’t.”

“Then you will find someone who will.” Elliot continued, “The pain does not fall on you, so you stand on the moral high ground and ask me to live according to your ideas. Wesley, have you ever really considered my feelings?”

“Avery can live without me, and her children can live well without me. The earth will still turn around without me. I can’t be asked to live in pain just because I will suffer for a while without them. None of you have my pain.”

When Elliot said this, Wesley had an answer in his heart.

“Indeed, you have the right to choose when to end your life. I respect you.” Wesley held back tears, “I will help you contact the doctor.”

“Thank you.” Elliot’s eyes darkened and he spoke with difficulty, “Don’t tell this matter to Avery. If she comes looking for me in the past two days, you can just excuse me, I don’t want to hear her voice again. “

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