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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2168 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2168

A message pops up on Eric’s phone.

— Maggie sent a new message.

Eric took a bath, wiped his hair with a dry towel, and when he heard the news reminder, he freed up one hand and picked up the phone.

Seeing the word ‘Maggie’, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Who has a blind date like her and found her directly for himself?

His fingers moved on the screen and replied: [No.]

Maggie: What is it? Didn’t you come to Bridgedale?

Eric: [I came to Bridgedale, but not to find you.]

Maggie: [Oh, so what are you doing here? Work? travel? Which platform do you usually live stream on? What is the name of your account? I went to see.]

Eric immediately made up his mind that the opposite was a wretched and greasy man.

He took a deep breath, turned around to find the water cup, took a sip of water, and was shocked.

He thought of Avery’s words of encouragement during the day, so he gathered up his courage and sent a message: [Are you a man or a woman? My parents said you were a girl, but the feeling you gave me made me feel like you were not.]

Maggie couldn’t help laughing when she saw the message Eric sent.

The object that her aunt introduced her was quite funny.

Maggie’s aunt said to Maggie that Eric’s mother was very beautiful. After seeing Eric’s photos, she was that Eric was very handsome. Her aunt said that such a handsome guy must be introduced to her. Although the young man’s work is not on the table, it doesn’t matter, Maggie will work in the future and let Maggie take care of the outside, and Eric will take care of the inside.

After Maggie listened to what her aunt said to her, her outer focus was tender and inner.

She had never seen this man named Eric, but as a result, her aunt had already helped them to do a good job in the division of labor after marriage.

Oh no, she has seen Eric’s photos.

It’s a photo that her aunt asked her mother for.

After seeing Eric’s high p photo, her heart was very complicated.

Because the photo was so powerful, Maggie couldn’t see the real person of this person at all.

Why does she say that his photo is high p, because this person doesn’t seem to be very smart, and he actually turned the photo p into the appearance of an idol star.

Although the photo after his post only looks like the star by six or seven points, anyone with a discerning eye can see that he is trying his best to imitate the popular star.

Afterwards, Maggie thought about it, maybe this little anchor’s job is to imitate that male star.

After all, imitation was also a way of survival.

After she figured it out, she was able to talk nonsense with Eric calmly.

Maggie: [Regarding my gender, it’s more complicated. I can’t tell you in a few words. If you like a woman, you can treat me as a woman, and if you like a man, you can treat me as a man. As long as two people have the same mind, what is the gender barrier? Feelings can arise between humans and animals, right?

When Eric saw her reply, his three views were shaking! After the shock was over, he felt that what she said didn’t seem to have much logical flaws.

Maggie: [Aren’t you in Bridgedale? Let’s meet another day! When you invite me to dinner, I invite you to take a bath! Time to show you my big muscles!]

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