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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2166 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2166

“Emilio, sometimes a concept can make a lot of money. I don’t necessarily need them to develop a complete set of technical achievements like Margaret. As long as they can develop a decent shell, It’s enough for us to make money.” Travis once again showed a triumphant smile on his face.

“How did you talk to the people on that team? How did they tell you?” Emilio’s heart was tightly clenched.

If the people in that team had mastered Margaret’s technology, then Travis would definitely threaten Avery and Elliot.

If the people in that team hadn’t fully grasped it, Travis would have no way to threaten them.

“Only one came today, and I only had a brief chat with him.” Travis leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes slightly, “He said that Margaret asked each of them to touch only a part of the content at that time, so they had to deal with the rest of the team. People are also found, and then there is drama.”

“I knew that Margaret couldn’t let other people know the core content.” Emilio breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

At least for now, his father will not trouble Elliot and Avery.

Emilio didn’t want the Jones family to go bankrupt, nor did he want to see his father and Elliot and Avery as enemies.

No matter which side has the upper hand, they don’t want to see them fighting.

“Emilio, you’re not going to tell Avery about this, are you?” Travis suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his son in horror, “If you f*cking dare to reveal what I just told you, I will Killing you directly, do you believe it?!”

Emilio blushed and shook his head violently: “Dad, I’ve already broken up with Avery. They cheated our family for 14 billion. From the beginning, I recognized it clearly, Avery and I are not the same.”

“If you can’t see clearly, you don’t deserve to be the heir of the Jones family.” Travis said solemnly, “Emilio, everything you have now is given to you by me! Don’t think that I will treat you as your eldest brother is abolished. Lifeblood! If you dare to confront me, I would rather kill you without an heir! The country I have fought for in my life is a symbol of my ability, and I don’t make money to pave the way for anyone! In other words, you guys I don’t care if I live or die! I don’t care what happens to the Jones family after I die, I just need to enjoy my life!”

Travis’s concept was different from that of most parents.

Emilio has long known that although he is the only heir of the Jones family, he is different from the only heir that everyone thinks. Because Travis treats him no different from before.

“Dad, I won’t be so confused.” Emilio also replied solemnly to his father, “I don’t want to live in poverty again.”

Travis: “Just be clear. If you leave me, leave Jones’s house, you are nothing. “

Emilio: “Well.”

“Since the father and son are of the same mind, then Emilio, you can learn from me how to make money in the future.” Travis experienced this high blood pressure hospitalization, and his thoughts have changed a little compared to before.

Margaret used to be by his side. Margaret gave him specially developed medicine every day, which made him full of energy every day, so he gave him the illusion that he could live for a long time. So much so that he never thought that he would rely on his son so soon.

From Margaret’s death to today, Travis obviously felt that his body was not as good as before.

“Okay. I will definitely work hard in the future. I will try not to embarrass you.” When Emilio said this, he suddenly thought of Norah, so he asked, “Did you send someone to find Norah?”

“She went to Aryadelle.” Of course Travis will not let Norah go. No matter where Norah goes to the ends of the earth, Travis will catch her back and take revenge for being cheated!

“Norah can’t get along in Bridgedale, and she can’t get along in Aryadelle.” Emilio couldn’t guess how Norah would go next.

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