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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2163 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2163

After hanging up Emilio, she answered Eric’s call.

“Avery, are you in Bridgedale now? Have you eaten yet? I’ll invite you to dinner.” Eric stepped barefoot on the soft wool pad, stood in front of the huge French window, and called her.

Eric just arrived at the house in Bridgedale, and when he was free, he thought of asking her out.

“I’ve finished my meal. Are you here for work or vacation?” Avery asked.

“Vacation. And this time I have saved two years of leave. I can rest for at least two months.” Eric said this, and laughed happily, “I didn’t want to come here because you are here, I just came here.”

“But I’m very busy.” Avery told the truth, “you should have heard about Elliot, right?”

“Well, I heard about it. I also consulted a doctor I know well. The doctor told me that the Elliot thing is too ridiculous. You can directly ask the screenwriter to write a movie.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “It’s a bit ridiculous. But that special device is indeed in Elliot’s mind. And it can make him feel unbearable. “

“Can’t you take it out?” Eric raised his doubts, “If it were me, I would definitely not be able to be controlled like this.”

Avery: “Eric, don’t say such things in front of Elliot.”

Eric: “I won’t say this in front of him. I won’t dare to yell at him in the future. If he gets angry with me, he definitely won’t forgive me.”

“Not only will I not forgive you, but Layla won’t either. But the two of you won’t have a chance to meet. He’s back to Aryadelle now.” Avery glanced at the sunshine outside the window. What Emilio said, her brows twitched unconsciously.

“Is he still coming when he returns to Aryadelle? You must not worry about being separated from him for too long.” Eric knows Avery’s feelings for Elliot too well, “Actually, I came to Bridgedale this time because I was forced to marry.”

Avery: “Uh? Your parents forced you to get married?”

“They introduced me to a partner. This matter is almost like a life-and-death device in Elliot’s head. They passed through a friend who had known each other for less than a month. The friend said that There was a relative who was very good-looking and showed my parents the photo. My parents saw the photo and felt that the person was completely in line with their fantasy of their daughter-in-law, so they forced me to go on a blind date with that person.”

Avery was stunned when she heard his words.

Avery: “That person is in Bridgedale?”

“Yeah!” Eric said, “I won’t go to see that person!”

“I think since my uncle and aunt like that girl very much, it means that the girl must be good -looking. Not bad, why don’t you go see me! What if it’s suitable?” Avery advised, “Or, you can add your contact information first and chat on the Internet first. After the chat is suitable, you can meet again.”

Eric: “Add… .You can’t imagine that the person my parents introduced to me is a tough guy with eight-pack abs.”

Avery: “How could this be? How could your parents…”

“My parents thought he’s a woman. Because the introducer said it was a woman. I told my parents that it was a man, but my parents didn’t believe me.” Eric was confused by this absurd thing and didn’t know what to do.

“Then how do you know that person is a man? Haven’t you met before?” Avery was puzzled.

“His profile picture was a guy with eight-pack abs, and his name was also a man’s name.”

Avery: “Eric, the profile picture does not represent a person’s true identity! Since the introducer says she is a woman, I don’t think she will be wrong.”

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  1. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but this story is now really bad. Not enough chapters and plot is boring and this is far from romantic. And getting weird.
    I’m through with this.
    Sorry 😞

    1. I will have to agree with you on this. It seems to be going in all kinds of direction and I am not as interested in this novel since they are dragging it out. All I wanted was for Elliott and Avery to get back together and be a couple and move on.

      thank you translator

  2. I agree … really not interesting anymore . Wind it up and end it all.
    It’s really gone on for way too long and 6 chapters a day !!

  3. So much going on……
    I think I will start waiting to read maybe once a week. By then there should be enough chapters to keep my heart from breaking everyday. Thank you translator for your work.

  4. I don’t understand why the last page was stuck on Eric who cares about him when Avery got off the phone learning the news she should have called Elliot instead she’s putting Eric in front of Elliot I’m so sick of her.

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