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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2161 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2161

Leland Sirois: “I told Emilio about this just now! I thought you were going to play by yourself, not bring me. It seems that I am narrow-minded! I will punish myself for three cups later!”


Emilio watched his father and the surname Sirois sit down at a wine table in harmony, and his brain started running at high speed.

It’s really nice to see the father’s appearance.

What was he doing just now?

What happened? Did he have any chips in his hand?

Emilio walked over quickly and sat down beside his father.

During the banquet, because there were so many people, they didn’t talk about business.

After the banquet, the two of them went to the private room to chat. Emilio had no way to follow up, so he could only go to the bodyguard beside his father to inquire about the situation.

Emilio: “What were you doing with my dad just now? Did you meet someone?”

He hadn’t gone to the private room with his father and the surnamed Xiao, he would have asked his father directly.

The bodyguard felt that it was okay to tell Emilio about it, so he replied truthfully: “Although Margaret is dead, there are other people in her research team. The boss found other people in her research team today.”

Emilio’s thoughts were instantly opened….

He didn’t think about it at all, but his father did.

Not only did his father think of it, but he also successfully found other members of Margaret’s team.

The members of Margaret’s team had always been kept secret from the outside world. Outsiders had no idea who the core members of her team are, so everyone’s attention had always been on Margaret.

Emilio did not expect his father to find a way in such a desperate and difficult situation.

It is estimated that Avery and Elliot did not expect it either.

Emilio instantly saw hope that the Jones family was saved.

However, according to his father’s character, in addition to using this technology to make money, he would definitely seek revenge on Elliot.

Emilio couldn’t help but want to contact Avery again.

He got angry with Avery three days ago because he felt that the Jones family was over, and Elliot was the culprit who brought the Jones family down, so he took his anger on Avery.

Now that the Jones family is about to turn over, his mood towards Avery has changed back to what it was before.

After hesitating for a while, he never had the courage to call Avery.

After a while, Avery took the initiative to call him as if she knew what he was thinking.

“Is something wrong?” Emilio asked in a cold tone, holding the shelf.

“I watched the live replay of the funeral just now. I saw that your dad left the scene shortly after the memorial service started. He never showed up again.” Avery took advantage of lunch time to watch Margaret’s funeral Live playback.

She was mainly curious about the guests who came to the memorial service today.

“Avery, you are so shrewd. You have discovered such small details.” Emilio laughed and ridiculed, and his tone was not malicious.

“Will your father be hospitalized again?” Avery guessed.

“I only praised you for your shrewdness, but you said the opposite. Not only did my dad not stay in the hospital, but he also found a way to deal with you.” Emilio couldn’t help it after all, and he missed the point.

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